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Dr Mayank Manjul Madan
Dr Mayank Manjul Madan

Director - Gi, Bariatric & Minimal Access Surgery


W Pratiksha Hospital

17 years

Treatment Starting at $2,200

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Treatment Starting at $2,200

Dr Mayank Manjul Madan
Dr Mayank Manjul Madan

Director - Gi, Bariatric & Minimal Access Surgery


W Pratiksha Hospital

17 years

Fistula surgery cost in India
  1. The estimated Fistula surgery cost in India is around USD 2,000 to USD 2,500, depending upon various factors.
  2. There is a 90% Fistula surgery success rate in India, which makes India one of the most preferred countries for Fistula surgery across the world.
  3. Some of the experienced doctors in the field are Dr. Sanjay Verma, Dr. Praveen Sodhi, and Dr. Jagdish Chander. The best hospitals are Fortis Escorts, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital and Jaypee Hospital.
  4. It is a three days procedure in the hospital, and patients need to stay for almost ten days in India.
About Fistula

Abnormal connection between two passages like blood vessels, two hollow organs, and intestines is known as a medical abnormality, fistula. There are many reasons for Fistula like injury, inflammation, present since birth, and infection. Generally, it is a disease, but sometimes it is created after surgery for therapeutic reasons.

Symptoms of fistula
  1. Urinary problems like Painful urination
  2. Fever
  3. Blood in the stool
  4. Pain and irritation in lower abdomen
  5. Weight loss
  6. Fatigue and nausea
Causes of Fistula

Different types of Fistula can have various reasons, but some of the leading causes are:

  1. Injury
  2. Infection
  3. Surgery
  4. Congenital Fistula
  5. Inflammation
  1. The first step of the diagnosis of Fistula is a physical examination and medical history. Physical examination helps in determining the cause and severity of the condition.
  2. CT scan: Doctors perform a CT scan to know about the Fistula and where it is situated. But, this technique does not give satisfactory results because it does not provide clear pictures of soft tissue.
  3. Upper or lower Endoscopy: The process uses the camera (endoscope) to see the problems in the digestive tract. The method involves using a thin and flexible tube with a camera attached to it.
  4. X-ray: The work of the X-ray is to provide a clear image of internal body parts, which helps locate the Fistula and its condition.
  5. Fistulogram: Fistulogram involves the process of using dye along with x-ray to get clear images.
Fistula Surgery
  1. Doctors perform fistula surgery when the patient is under general anesthesia and cannot feel any pain.
  2. The surgeon makes an incision to get access to the Fistula and scrub out its contents. The abnormal gap between the two organs gets open up during the procedure. The process is called fistulotomy.
  3. Now the surgeon closes the incision with an operation thread, and the incision heals automatically with time.
  4. Fistulotomy is very effective for the Fistula only when the Fistula is small. If the Fistula has spread into sphincter muscles, the seton technique works in that case.
  5. The Seton technique involves leaving a surgical thread inside the Fistula for a few months to drain out the pus. The purpose of the seton technique is to heal Fistula and keep sphincter muscles intact.
  6. The other procedure for Fistula, where the doctors take out Fistula and cover the internal cut with the tissue which comes from the patient’s rectum, this process is called a flap procedure to correct Fistula.
Post Operative Care at Home
  1. The recovery from fistula surgery takes one to two months. Proper care post-surgery is essential.
  2. Regular checkup to keep track of the recovery and further tests is mandatory.
  3. For the first few weeks, only simple activities are allowed.
  4. Exercise, running, jumping, and sports is allowed after almost a year of the surgery.
  5. Track the progress report regularly.
Fistula surgery cost in India

Fistula surgery cost in Delhi: The success rate of fistula surgery in Delhi is 90%. Other than reputed hospitals and excellent surgeons, Delhi has made phenomenal progress in inculcating modern techniques and up-to-date facilities in the Hospitals. With the increase in facilities, technologies, and services, surprisingly, the cost and fees of treatment is quite nominal and affordable.

Fistula surgery cost in Mumbai: Mumbai has the tag of India’s maximum healthcare infrastructure and staff to serve the patients. Foreign patients seeking excellent healthcare facilities in India make Mumbai their preference, and Mumbai never fails to in providing the best of what it can.

Fistula surgery cost in Kerala: There is no denial in the fact that Kerala is giving much importance to the health and medical sector and improving its medical facilities at a tremendous rate. Healthcare facilities at Kerala are unsurpassable, and a significant number of doctors and surgeons add to the success of medical growth in Kerala.

Fistula surgery cost in Chennai: Popularly known as the “medial hub of India,” Chennai has also taken the tag of a specialized center for different treatments. From a small disease to surgeries like Fistula, every technique used in the modern era in its treatment procedure with utmost perfection.


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Those who have severe symptoms like blood in the stool, pain around the anus, irritation, fever, and thumping and doctors confirm the presence of Fistula after the test; Then, the person must go for fistula surgery.
All the surgeries carry the risks of side effects. Some might be severe and some very common, which can be cured by simple antibiotics and medication. Some of the risks connected with fistula surgery are infection, bowel incontinence, pain, and bleeding.
Treatment cost depends on various factors like choice of the hospital, type of surgery, condition of the patient, fee of the surgeon, and choice of city for the surgery. The average cost of fistula surgery in India is around USD 2,000.
The recovery time entirely depends on the type of surgery, age of the patient, and severity of the Fistula. It takes from a few weeks to a few months to recover from the surgery. In rare cases, the Fistula might return.
Though the chances are very less and fistulotomy is very useful for Fistula, there is no denial in the fact that there are chances of fistula recurring.
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