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Lubana Jahan

Patient Lubna Jahan, hailing from Bangladesh, had a strong desire to seek treatment from one of the top neuro physicians at Fortis Gurgaon. She reached out to, a renowned medical tourism facilitator, to fulfill her healthcare needs. swiftly responded to her inquiry and connected her with Dr. Praveen Gupta, a highly respected neuro physician at Fortis Gurgaon.

The expertise and reputation of Dr. Gupta made Lubna confident in her decision. With the guidance and assistance of, Lubna made the necessary arrangements to travel to India for her desired treatment. The coordination and support provided by the Healthtrip team were exceptional, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for Lubna.

Upon her arrival at Fortis Gurgaon, Lubna was warmly welcomed and immediately began her consultation with Dr. Praveen Gupta. His compassionate demeanor and in-depth knowledge put Lubna at ease, as he thoroughly assessed her condition and devised a personalized treatment plan.

Under Dr. Gupta's expert care, Lubna underwent the desired treatment with successful results. The attentive and supportive nature of Dr. Gupta and his team throughout the process deeply impressed Lubna, and she expressed her heartfelt gratitude for their outstanding dedication.

Lubna's journey with and Dr. Praveen Gupta was life-changing. She received exceptional care, professionalism, and expertise, surpassing her expectations. Lubna highly recommends for reliable access to exceptional doctors like Dr. Gupta. Her experience exemplifies the positive impact of medical tourism, leaving her grateful for the opportunity to regain her health under Dr. Gupta's guidance.

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