What Ali Mohammed Naeem Say About US

Ali Mohammed Naeem

My father Mr. Mohammad Salman Naeem and my brother in law Mr. Saad Sabeeh Kahmees were having a neurological problem so as there is no improvement in their health back in Iraq I decided to check with experts outside the country. I searched and analyzed every aspect from doctors to hospitals, travel ease to diplomatic relations, lifestyle to food, then come to the conclusion that India is best for all, as here hospitals are having world-class facilities and doctors are highly educated with lots of experience. But I don't have an idea how to make all arrangements and choose among all hospitals and doctors while searching on the web I found out the company Hospals who helped me with deciding for expert doctors and hospital, provided me estimate from top hospitals in India and arranged me Visa Invitation Letter. At arrival in India team was there to pick us with adequate arrangements and take us to the hotel where rooms are with patient-centric amenities.

Then the team took us to the hospital for a consultation with Dr.K M Hasan, NEURO at Jaypee Hospital after a thoro checkup and complete investigation, Dr. Hasan did Arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) Embolization also recommended for medicines and physiotherapy. There are signs of good improvement can be seen, I am very happy about Hospals services and their support in this entire process.

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