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Abol Hussian

Abol Hussian, a resident of Bangladesh, accompanied his wife to India for eye treatment. They were in search of a reliable medical solution and chose to utilize the services of They were connected with Dr. Arvind Gupta at the Centre for Sight Hospital in New Delhi.

Coming to Delhi for the first time, Abol and his wife relied on the expertise and assistance provided by Mr. Saidur Rahman and Mr. Mohidur Rahman from the healthtrip team played a pivotal role in ensuring a smooth and comfortable experience for them.

Under the care of Dr. Arvind Gupta, Abol's wife underwent laser and cataract surgery. The professionalism and expertise exhibited by Dr. Gupta and his team left a lasting impression on Abol and his wife. They were overjoyed with the results of the treatment and expressed deep gratitude towards for connecting them with such a competent medical professional.

The exceptional service and support provided by, particularly Mr. Saidur Rahman and Mr. Mohidur Rahman, were instrumental in making their journey successful. Abol and his wife are extremely satisfied with the services rendered and wholeheartedly recommend to others in need of medical tourism assistance.

In conclusion, Abol Hussian's experience with and Dr. Arvind Gupta at the Centre for Sight Hospital exemplifies the positive impact that medical tourism can have on individuals seeking specialized eye treatments. The expertise of the medical team, combined with the reliable and efficient services of, provided Abol and his wife with a memorable and successful healthcare journey.

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