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Vm Medical Park Maltepe Hospital Cevizli, Bağdat Cd., Maltepe/İstanbul, Turkey, Turkey

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About Hospital

With its cutting-edge diagnosis and treatment techniques at global standards, patient-focused outstanding hotel management services, and knowledgeable and academic physician team, VM Medical Park Maltepe Hospital invites patients in all branches.

With seven operating rooms, more than 300 staff members, and a total enclosed area of 20.000 m2, the VM Medical Park Maltepe Hospital, which provides services in a wide range of branches including neurology, urology, ear, nose, and throat, and cardiovascular surgery, offers solutions to all health and well-being needs. This hospital also has a technological infrastructure and the most recent treatment methods. The hospital also housed 29 adults, 4 coronary, 5 CVS, 10 children, and 20 neonates; 68 active beds are available for intensive care services. The most crucial treatment for injuries to the hands and limbs is provided by the hand-microsurgery department, which is present at the same time.

Outstanding Hotel Management Services

The VM Medical Park Maltepe Hospital provides a comprehensive range of services and stands out for its emphasis on patient care, guest services, and therapeutic methods. The luxury of a 5-star hotel is achieved through this individualised service, which prioritises the comfort of patients and their loved ones. There are numerous privileged amenities available in every room, including televisions with access to both domestic and international channels, internet connectivity, a special diet menu, and newspaper and magazine services. It is situated among unique amenities that patients and their loved ones can easily use, including places of worship, parking lots, and valet services.

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