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Sante Plus Hospitals Group Sante Plus Turkey Turan Güneş Cad. No:117 Zeytinburnu / Istanbul/Turkey, Turkey

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About Hospital

Equipped with European standards and technical equipment, the Sante Plus Hospitals Group is committed to "delivering all medical services without compromising medical ethics, respecting patient rights, providing advanced medical technology, and providing highly standardized hospitals. It operates in Turkey and the Balkans, based on the management philosophy of "provide quality facilities". Evolve your approach to the majority of society with the 'A' group hospital management concept in all medical services.

Our hospital in Turkey is a general hospital in Istanbul. With its newly established medical infrastructure, Sante Plus Hospital provides medical services in 12 different medical areas. Sante Plus Hospital Turkey has expanded patient capacity in 12 countries as well as Turkey.

Our hospital in Skopje/North Macedonia mainly focuses on gynecology, obstetrics and other surgical areas. Sante Plus N. Macedonia - 1 Hospital offers all patients the best treatment experience in the region with its infrastructure and highly qualified medical staff. Hospital fertility and IVF clinics have satisfied many couples in the Balkans with fertility success rates.

The second hospital in North Macedonia is located in the city center of Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia. Sante Plus N.Macedonia - 2 Hospital offers quality services in various fields such as screening clinics, internal medicine, otorhinolaryngology, ophthalmology, dermatology and oral surgery. In addition, the field of occupational medicine is preferred by many patients who are obliged to undergo regular examinations at work.

Located in the heart of Tirana/Albania, Sante Plus Albania Hospital serves patients in 18 medical specialties, has 3 well-equipped operating rooms, a delivery room and an infant intensive care unit, and is located in Albania and neighboring countries. Our Hospital Sante Plus Albania consists of 3 separate buildings and is located in the center of Tirana, making it easily accessible to all patients.

Located in Pristina/Kosovo, with a capacity of 45 beds, Sante Plus Kosovo Hospital serves the people of Kosovar within the concept of a 'general hospital', with a world-class medical team providing all examinations and It satisfies therapeutic needs well. and a strong technical infrastructure. The Sante Plus Kosova Hospital, with three operating rooms, an intensive care unit, a single suite and a standard room, continues to operate in the area.

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