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Medical Park Canakkale Hospital Barbaros, Troya Cd. No:10, 17020 Çanakkale Merkez/Çanakkale, Turkey, Turkey

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About Hospital

As of December 2019, Medical Park Canakkale Hospital, which began operations on February 22, 2006, serves as a hospital. The region's health demands are being met, and it has made it a priority to give its residents access to high-quality healthcare. With its skilled medical staff, Medical Park Canakkale Hospital is a well-liked hospital in its community and consistently provides high-quality care. With a big physician team made up of experts, two operating rooms, a capacity of 75 beds, cutting-edge technology gadgets, and innovative applications, it continues to strive to best meet the region's healthcare needs.

There are 32 patient rooms in the hospital. Patients receive training on how to quit smoking in addition to training on the drugs, medical equipment, nourishment, control times, and hand hygiene information used by inpatients when they are admitted to the service.

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