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Kolan International Hospital, Istanbul Merkez, Kaptanpaşa Mahallesi Okmeydanı Kavşağı, Darülaceze Cd. No:14, 34384 Okmeydanı Şişli/Şişli/İstanbul, Turkey, Turkey

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About Hospital

Our mission at Kolan Hospitals Group is to serve our patients with better and safer health care by keeping up with technology advancements, novel diagnostic techniques, and treatment approaches. Our Group's centres are designed to deliver services with an awareness of patient satisfaction that prioritises quality, distinguished physician staff and health employees, coupled with cutting-edge medical technologies.

With the motto "Assurance of Your Healthy Tomorrows," Kolan Hospitals Group treats patients with a big academic and experienced physician team and functions as a health group where informed, amiable, and experienced nursing care is received.

We are pleased to have offered our people trustworthy, high-quality healthcare in easily accessible settings during the adventure we began in 1997.

It has a total capacity of 1,230 beds, including 40 operating rooms, 250 intensive care beds (including Cardiovascular Surgery Intensive Care, Coronary Intensive Care, Surgical Intensive Care, General Intensive Care, Neonatal Intensive Care, and Internal Medicine Intensive Care services), and 980 service beds. Kolan Hospitals Group operates five hospitals in Istanbul and Nicosia Hospital in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Our organization's 3000 employees and more than 450 physicians serve more than 40 branches. All of the people who work for our company are conscious of the holy responsibility they have to lead our society toward a healthier future while also improving patient satisfaction and treatment success rates. The appreciation of our patients, both domestic and international, is an honour.

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