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Dr Parveen Yadav Associate Chief And Senior Consultant - Thoracic Surgery And Surgical Oncology

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About Doctor

  • Dr. Parveen Yadav is a surgical oncologist with further superspecilization in thoracic surgery.
  • He is a super specialist in thoracic surgery.


  • Minimal invasive surgeries for Esophageal diseases(esophageal cancer and benign disease).
  • Minimal invasive thoracic surgeries (VATS) for Lung Cancer.
  • Minimal invasive surgeries (VATS) for benign lung diseases like bronchopleural fistula, bullous disease,lung volume reduction surgery(LVRS), Pneumothorax .
  • Complex surgeries for Airway diseases(Tracheal tumor ,Tracheo- Esophageal fistula).
  • Minimal invasive surgeries for pleural disease(Empyema , Pleural tumor ,Pleural biopsy ).
  • Minimal invasive surgeries for mediastinal disease (Mediastinal masses , cyst).
  • Complex surgical procedure forsternum and chest wall resection and reconstruction(chest wall tumor , sternal tumor ).
  • Mediastinoscopy(Diagnostic and therapeutic).
  • Intervention bronchoscopy(Stenting ,Therapeutic).
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