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Dr Ashok Rajgopal Chairman - Orthopedics

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About Doctor

  • An internationally renowned orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Rajgopal is a prolific surgeon with over 30,000 total knee replacement surgeries to his credit.
  • In addition, he has performed more than 15,000 arthroscopic surgeries for ligament repairs and reconstructions.
  • He has several firsts to his credit — the first to perform a bilateral procedure in India, the first to use the Gender implant (designed especially for female patients), the first to perform total knee replacement using Patient Specific Instrumentation, and the first to perform minimally invasive total knee replacement in India.
  • He is a designer surgeon and a member of the design team responsible for the design and development of the latest knee implant, The Persona Knee. He successfully developed instruments for MIS total knee replacement surgery which were later patented by Zimmer and are used by knee replacement surgeons worldwide.
  • His enduring passion for practicing and advancing medical sciences has seen him win a number of awards.
Specialization and Expertise
  • Knee Surgery
  • Joint Replacement Surgery
  • Arthroscopic Surgeries
  • Arthroplastic Surgeries
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