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Top Doctors for Hip Replacement Surgery (Orthopedics) Treatment in India

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Hip Replacement Surgery Cost In India The all-inclusive hip replacement surgery cost in India starts from USD 4300 (single hip) .The success rate of hip replacement surgery is as high as 95%.Some of the top doctors who are experts in hip replacement surgery are Dr. Atul Mishra, Dr. Anil Arora, Dr.Sumit Bhushan, and Dr. Subhash Jangid, etc. The leading hospitals for the same include Fortis Noida, Max Patparganj, and Jaypee Hospital, etc.The patient has to stay in the hospital for a maximum period of seven days for a hip replacement surgery. About Hip Replacement SurgeryDuring a hip replacement surgery, the surgeon replaces the damaged parts of the hip joint with parts made of metal, ceramics, and hard plastic. This artificial joint helps to reduce the pain and improve the functionality of the joint. Why is hip replacement surgery done?Doctors advise hip replacement surgery when the hip joint is no longer functional or is creating interference with the everyday activities of patients. Following are the conditions when hip replacement surgery is necessary: In the case of wear and tear of the cartilage between bones, also known as Osteoarthritis.In the case of Osteonecrosis, when the blood is not supplied adequately to the ball part of the joint.If there is any bone deformation due to a fracture or bone dislocation.In case the patient has an overly active immune system, inflammation can erode the cartilage and, in some cases, the underlying bone itself, also called as Rheumatoid arthritis.Tests before the procedureDoctors will check the overall health conditions before performing hip replacement surgery. In addition to that, they may do a general check-up of the hip to analyze its movements and strengths. To be entirely sure, the doctor also needs a blood test and an X-ray of the joint. The procedureThe surgery takes a couple of hours to complete. The patients undergo hip replacement surgery under the effects of anesthesia to minimize pain. During the surgery, the surgeon takes the following steps:The surgeons make an incision through the tissues at the side or the front of the hip Then they remove the damaged and destroyed portions of the bone and the cartilageThe removal leaves the healthy part of the bone and cartilage intactAfter this, they implant the prosthetic socket and replace the damaged socket with itThen the surgeons replace the ball of the joint with a prosthetic ball with a stem that fits into the thigh boneRecovery after the procedureAfter the procedure, doctors may ask the patient to stay in the hospital for a couple of days or more to monitor the vitals. To avoid blood clots in the veins of the leg, they can also suggest blood-thinning medicines. After a while, the doctor may recommend the patient to go to a physiotherapist for regular exercises that help in speedy recovery. They also advise avoiding any high-impact activity that may cause strain or stress at the joint. Risks associated with hip replacement surgeryBlood clotting in the veins of the leg. Infection at the place where the doctor made the incision for surgeryFracture in the healthy part of the joint during surgeryEasy dislocation of the ball and socket joint in the first few months of the surgeryMinor changes in the length of the leg due to contraction of muscles around the jointIn rare cases, nerve damage or loosening of the joint over time after the surgeryFactors affecting the cost of treatment in different states in IndiaHip Replacement Surgery Cost In Mumbai: High-quality hospitals and clinicsHip Replacement Surgery Cost In Delhi: World-class technology and some of the most experienced doctors for hip replacement surgery in the worldHip Replacement Surgery Cost In Chennai: Expert doctors with in-depth and insightful years of experienceHip Replacement Surgery Cost In Hyderabad: Premium packages customized for international patients and top-notch facilitiesTestimonialsDr. Anil Arora is the best surgeon for hip replacement in India. Hospals took care of everything else during my surgery. Thank you, Dr. Arora and Hospals, for making the process so easy for me.- Fitch Schwarz, IraqIt has been three years since I got my hip replacement surgery done from Max hospital, Patparganj, New Delhi, and I have no complaints. Hospals helped me get through the whole process very efficiently, and I came out of the hospital in less than seven days.- James Ava, EthiopiaHospals gave me the best prices on hip replacement surgery without compromising on the quality. I had looked everywhere, but I didn’t find such cost-effective packages.- Olivia Jane, LibyaLast year, I took my mom to India for two months to get her hip replacement surgery done in Jaypee Hospital. Hospals arranged for everything and helped us throughout our stay in India.- Sam Wilson, Yemen

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