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Top Doctors for Prostate Cancer (Oncology) Treatment in India

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Prostate Cancer Treatment In India The cost of prostate cancer treatment in India starts from USD 3500. The success rate after prostate cancer treatment is nearly 90 percent. Fortis Escort Hospital, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, Manipal Hospital, and Max Healthcare Saket are the top hospitals in India to treat prostate cancer. The best doctors for the same are Dr. Pragnesh Desai, Dr. Rajiv Yadav, Dr Sanjay Saxena Dr. Ashish Sabharwal etc. Depending on the type of treatment, a person may have to stay in India anywhere between 7 days to 6 months. About prostate cancer Prostate cancer, one of the most common types of cancer in men, is cancer that occurs in the prostate gland in the male body. It is the development and growth of malignant cancer cells inside the gland that affects its production of sperm-nourishing serum. It grows slowly inside the gland and may spread to other organs. It does not show any early symptoms. For the treatment for prostate cancer to be effective and successful, it is crucial to detect it at an early stage. SymptomsAt an early stage, it may be difficult to observe any signs of prostate cancer. The following are the symptoms of prostate cancer which may be visible at a later stage: Trouble while urinatingChanges in the flow of urination (reduction)Any discomfort in the lower abdomen or pelvic regionErectile dysfunctionPresence of blood in semen Factors that increase the risk of prostate cancerThree main factors increase the chances of prostate cancer in men:Age: The risk of prostate cancer increases with an increase in ageFamily history: If a person’s family has had experience with prostate cancer in the past, he is at a higher risk of getting affected by prostate cancer again. Health conditions: An unhealthy sedentary lifestyle that leads to obesity increases the risks and complications associated with prostate cancer.DiagnosisThere are various tests conducted for the screening of prostate cancer, which includes Initial screening and further advanced tests. Initial Tests:Digital Rectal Exam (DRE): In this exam, the doctor checks the prostate by inserting a lubricated and gloved finger in the rectum, as the prostate is right next to it. for any abnormal changes in the shape, size, or texture of the gland. Prostate-Specific Antigen Test (PSA): A blood sample from the person is taken and checked for PSA levels. If the levels are higher than usual, it may indicate some inflammation or infection in the prostate gland. Advanced Tests:DRE and PSA are the two initial tests to detect prostate cancer at an early stage. After these tests confirm or indicate prostate cancer, the doctors may recommend other tests, including an Ultrasound or MRI fusion. The doctors may also conduct a prostate biopsy, which involves the collection of sample cells from the prostate and testing them in a lab to check for cancer cells. TreatmentIf there is slow growth of cancer cells , the doctor may ask the patient for active surveillance. After determining the extent of cancer, the doctor may suggest any of the following treatments depending on the patient's condition, if required: Removal of the prostate and some surrounding tissues through surgery, also known as radical prostatectomy Radiation therapy, the use of high beam energy rays to kill the cancer cells. It can be done externally (external beam radiation) or internally (brachytherapy).Hormone therapy (medicines) aims to reduce the production of testosterone in the body as testosterone promotes the growth of cancer cells. Chemotherapy, i.e., using drugs to kill the cancer cellsBiological therapy, where the immune cells of the body are prepared to fight against cancer in a lab and then reinserted into the bodyFactors affecting the cost of treatment in different states in IndiaProstate Cancer Treatment In Delhi: High-quality facilities and experienced set of doctors characterize prostate cancer treatment cost in Delhi. Prostate Cancer Treatment In Bangalore: There has been tremendous improvement in the state-of-the-art infrastructure in Bangalore hospitals for the treatment of prostate cancer. Prostate Cancer Treatment In Kolkata: There is a presence of highly experienced doctors in Kolkata who have raised the quality standards for prostate cancer treatment. Best Prostate Cancer Treatment In Mumbai: There are many Uro-Oncology in Mumbai, including Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani hospital, that offer the best treatment for prostate cancer. TestimonialsThe packages offered by Hospals helped me complete my treatment for prostate cancer in India successfully, within my financial resources and without any hassle. I am happy I contacted them and traveled to India for the surgery.- Ray Rahman, Nigeria Hospals helped us to get in touch with the best hospital and the best doctor in India for the prostate cancer treatment of my dad, who is now fit and fine. Their services are the best in the industry. - Abdul Asim, Bangladesh I went to India three months back for my prostate cancer treatment. The Hospals staff helped me a lot with travel arrangements and my stay in India. Everything went on smoothly. - Khaled Hajar, Kuwait I traveled with my grandfather to India last year for his prostate cancer treatment. Hospals helped us arrange for a visa on an urgent request and also provided a hassle free experience during our stay in India. I am grateful to the team for all their efforts. - Kofi Abraham, Ethiopia

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