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Top Doctors for Lung Cancer (Oncology) Treatment in India

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Lung Cancer Treatment In India The estimated total cost of lung cancer treatment in India is around USD 8,000, depending upon various factors.There is 80% of success rate in India for lung cancer, which makes India one of the most preferred countries for lung cancer treatment across the world.Some of the experienced doctors in the field are Dr. Peush Bajpai, Dr. Suresh Advani, and Dr. Rakesh Chopra. The best hospitals are Dharamshila Narayana Superspeciality Hospital, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Medanta Hospital, and Artemis Hospital.It is a five days procedure in the hospital, and patients need to stay for almost 20 days in India. About Lung CancerBronchogenic Carcinoma is another term for lung cancer. When cancer cells start to develop in the lung and start causing mutations in the healthy cells, the situation develops into lung cancer. Uncontrolled multiplication of cells causes spiteful tumors in the lung. There are typically two types of lung cancer: Small Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC): Small Cell Lung Cancer is most common in men. Smoking is the main cause of SCLC. Small Cell Lung Cancer accounts for 85% of all cancers and the most aggressive lung cancer. Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC): When the person is in adulthood, non-small cell lung cancer is very common. Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer accounts for 85% of all cancers. Symptoms of Lung Cancer High blood pressure and blood sugar.CoughingWeight loss and loss of appetite Nausea and vomitingFatigueDifficulty in breathing and shortness of breathCoughing BloodImpairment and change in the voice quality Causes of Lung Cancer SmokingExposure to Radon and Asbestos DiagnosisDoctors will perform a regular physical examination, ask about the medical history, and family history. Various tests are available to confirm lung cancer if a person has symptoms of it or a doctor identifies lesions during lung cancer screening. Imaging Studies: Doctors perform Imaging studies ( computed tomography and positron emission tomography) to scan areas near the lungs to detect cancer. Imaging studies are also helpful in post-treatment to track cancer progress.Tissue sampling: Doctors perform tissue sampling to test for potential cancer cells when they suspect lesion during the imaging study.Lab Testing: To check whether there is lung cancer or not, doctors perform lab testing. There are two ways to check the presence of lung cancer, Sputum testing, and blood testing. The information from lab testing is essential to know the stage and severity of lung cancer. Lung Cancer Treatment Surgery:- There are two types of surgeries for lung cancer treatment. The first method involves removing cancerous lung tissue and tissue in the surrounding areas where cancer may have spread. This is called a lobectomy. The second surgery or in severe cases, the doctor removes part of the lung to treat lung cancer. Some cases may require removing the entire lung, which is called a pneumonectomy.Chemotherapy:- Chemotherapy destroys cancer cells by the use of drugs. They give it as an infusion in a vein, or at times they may give you chemotherapy pills. You can use chemotherapy as a follow up after the patient have had surgery or radiation.Radiotherapy:- High-energy radiation beams target the cancerous tissue to destroy it. Targeted Therapy:- Targeted Therapy uses particular medications that target a particular behavior in cancer cells. For example, Targeted medicines to stop cancer cells from multiplying further and damaging healthy cells. Factors affecting Lung cancer treatment in India Lung Cancer Treatment in Chennai: Chennai is turning more towards advanced ways of treatment to match the highest standards of the medical world. Chennai is a hub of some of the very reputed hospitals providing first-class medical services for many years. Health is being given much priority in Chennai lately, which is visible in the health facilities. If you are planning to visit India as a medical tourist, consider Chennai as the option. Lung Cancer Treatment in Kolkata: There is a list of some of the best treatments providing hospitals in Kolkata at a very nominal cost. Facilities of the hospitals are top class. Doctors are highly qualified, and every specialist and surgeon is available in Kolkata. Many patients are successfully treated with Lung cancer in Kolkata. Lung Cancer Treatment in Mumbai: Nobody can deny the tremendous and mushrooming growth of Mumbai in every field possible, and medical is one of those. In addition to world-class infrastructure, Mumbai has some of the best surgeons and doctors with years of experience. Mumbai's tremendous growth in medicine has made it possible to treat successfully every disease, and lung cancer treatment is also one of those.Lung Cancer Treatment in Delhi: If you are looking for an ideal and best county for lung cancer treatment, Delhi should be your destination. Delhi has shown commendable progress in the field of health and is continuing to make itself best. And medical platforms like hospals in India will be your ultimate medical guide 24*7.Testimonials I was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2014. We were travelling nonstop for the treatment. Finally, we decided to get the treatment done from India. I got in touch with Hospals, and everything was arranged within no time. Best doctors, best hospital, best stay, best food, and perfect professionalism. It was a successful treatment. Thank you Hospals! - Alex Yap, UAEMy brother had to undergo urgent surgery for lung cancer. No other platform than Hospals could have helped us in such short notice in India. The appointment was fixed with a very good doctor in Mumbai. We were in India for almost a month, and Hospals was loaded with everything we could ask for. - Namrita Das, Bangladesh2018 was a bad year for me. Lung cancer and treatments were all that was going on in my life. Fortunately, I got to know about Hospals in India from one of my friends from Dubai. He was very impressed with the services of Hospals and so am I now. Thank you, Hospals, for spreading happiness across the globe. - Saeed Abdullah, DubaiIt becomes challenging for a medical tourist in an alien land to manage all by himself while carrying a fatal disease, like lung cancer, with you. The best guidance is all you need, and for me, Hospals was a perfect medical guide in India. - Abdul Razzaq, Iraq

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