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Top Doctors for Cancer Treatment (Oncology) Treatment in India

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Cancer Treatment Cost In IndiaThe overall cancer treatment cost in India, depending on the type of cancer and the treatment starts from USD 3000.If Cancer is detected at any early stage, the success rate of treatment is as high as 80%.Some of the best hospitals for cancer treatment in India include Max Vaishali Fortis Noida Medanta, Fortis Gurgaon etc. Some of the best doctors in the field are Dr. Arun Kumar Goel, Dr. Pawan Gupta, Dr. Meenu Walia etc.Cancer surgery may require a stay for at least seven days in India, and the stay may be extended depending on further treatment.About Stage Four CancerIt is also referred to as “Metastatic Cancer” because stage four means that cancer has spread to other parts of the body from its origin. It is considered one of the most severe and fatal diseases. The cancer spread to the nearby lymph nodes and other parts of the body, such as bones, liver, lungs, or brain. The stage requires immediate expert care. According to the degree of cancer and the spread of disease throughout the body, there are two subcategories of stage four cancer, IVA and IVB.Some of the Cancer are as follows:Blood Cancer Treatment About blood cancer: Blood cancer affects the functioning and structure of the blood cells. It starts in the bone marrow, which is the prime site of blood cell line production in the human body. There are stem cells inside the bone marrow which evolve into three types of blood cells, namely the RBCs (Red Blood Cells), WBCs (White Blood Cells), and the platelets. Cancer interrupts this process and starts producing abnormal cells in the blood. Types of blood cancer: There are three types of blood cancer namely Leukemia, Lymphoma, and Myeloma. In the case of Leukemia, the bone marrow’s capacity for the production of the RBCs and platelets is affected. Lymphoma is the abnormal growth of lymphocytes in lymph nodes , spleen , thymus , bone marrow and other tissues of the body. Myeloma affects the immune system of the body by targeting the WBCs. Symptoms: The various symptoms of blood cancer include excessive sweating at night, weakness & fatigue, easy bruising, fractures due to minimal body strain, abdominal or back pain, bone pain, headaches, sight disruption, rashes or dark spots, and difficulty in urination. Treatment: There are many types of treatments provided by hospitals in India for blood cancer. These include biological therapy, chemotherapy, and bone marrow transplant, also known as stem cell therapy. The blood cancer treatment cost in India. Breast Cancer Treatment About Breast Cancer: Breast cancer affects many women worldwide every year, and it's origin can be traced by various factors. These factors include genetic inheritance, lifestyle changes, and environmental changes. The most common symptom in the case of breast cancer is any physical change in the breast or the development of a lump. Mammography and breast biopsy can help in the early detection and treatment of breast cancer. Symptoms: Following are the symptoms of breast cancer:Development of a hard and uneven lump on the breast or in the armpit Changes in the size and shape of breastsFluid discharge from the nipplesBreast pain or bone painSwelling of armUnexplained weight lossTreatment: The three primary treatments that aim to destroy the cancerous cells inside the body include Chemotherapy, Radiation therapy, and surgery. During surgery, a part or whole of the breast may be removed depending on the size of the cancer. In some cases where the tumor is ER-positive, doctors may suggest hormonal therapy to stop hormones that can trigger the growth of cancer.Liver Cancer Treatment About Liver Cancer: Liver cancer is also known as hepatocellular cancer. The symptoms of liver cancer may initially not be visible, but some of them include swelling in the abdomen, jaundice, enlarged liver, and loss of appetite or weight loss. The liver cancer treatment cost in India is affected by various factors like the type of treatment, the facilities, and the doctor performing the surgery. In addition to getting chemotherapy and radiation therapy, a patient may also undergo liver transplant if the liver is severely damaged. Lung Cancer Treatment About Lung Cancer: Lung cancer occurs from the abnormal growth of cells inside the lungs. It may spread to other organs if not detected at an early stage. Lung cancer can happen due to various reasons like exposure to excessive air pollution, family history, exposure to harmful chemicals or radon gas, undergoing radiation therapy, and smoking. In stage 4 lung cancer, cancer has spread beyond the lungs or from one lung to the other part of the body. In the case of Metastatic lung cancer, cancer most often spreads to the adrenal glands, bones, brain, and liver.Symptoms and Treatment: Symptoms of lung cancer include chest pain, consistent coughs, coughing out blood, loss of appetite, fatigue, and shortness of breath,Back pain and hips pain , vision changes and weakness,jaundiceThe doctor may perform surgery / radiation therapy / chemotherapy / radiosurgery/targeted drug therapy. The lung cancer treatment cost in India is different for different hospitals. Diagnosis Of CancerThere are various tests to diagnose cancer, which are biopsy, ultrasound, CT scan, X-ray, PET scan, bone scan, nuclear scan, MRI, imaging tests, and lab tests.TestimonialsI was terrified and confused about the cancer treatment in India as there were so many arrangements to be made. Hospals took care of everything and helped me throughout my stay in India. - Karl Curtis, NigeriaI got my surgery done at Max Vaishali in India, and the doctors there were great at comforting me through the process. Thank you, Hospals, for managing everything and helping me throughout my stay.- Yusuf Abdullah, OmanGoing through breast cancer was a very horrifying journey for me. In addition to the fear of treatment, I was concerned about every other arrangement that needed to be made. Thank god I had people from Hospals at every step of the journey. They took care of my visa, stay, and everything went smoothly during the surgery. - Assaf Iman, IraqI never thought I would be able to afford treatment for my blood cancer until I came across Hospals. Hospals offered me a complete package for my treatment in India at the best rate possible. They brought hope in my life when there wasn’t any. I am very grateful to them. - Mateen Hasan, Iran

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