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Top Doctors for Spine Surgery (Spine Surgery) Treatment in India

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Spine Surgery Cost In IndiaSpine surgery cost in India starts from USD 5500Success rate of spine surgery in India is as high as 90%The most reputed hospitals for spine surgery in India are Fortis Hospital, Apollo Hospital, Artemis Hospital and Max Hospital. Top doctors with experience in the field include Dr. Hitesh Grag, Dr. Sandeep Vaishya , Dr S K Rajan, and Dr. Arun Saroha. The patient may require to stay in the hospital for approximately 5 days days for the surgery and recovery.About Spine SurgerySpinal surgery is a surgical procedure that aims to correct any issues with the lower spine (lumbar spine) and upper spine (cervical spine). The spinal surgery seeks to reduce and relieve the back pain. Doctors and surgeons suggest spine surgery in cases where other treatments are ineffective, and there is no relief from the pain. Lumbar pain is more common among people. Doctors generally suggest treatment based on the level of pain, and spinal surgery is the last resort in most cases. Causes of spine surgeryThe most common causes of spine surgery that suggest that alternative methods that relieve back pain which don't work anymore are the ones that have a direct impact on the nerves. Some of them include:Disk damage: Disks are cushion-like structures that separate the bones in the spine. Any bulging or rupture of disks affects the nerves and can cause severe damageBone overgrowth: Bone spurs come from osteoarthritis and can reduce the amount of space available for the nerves to passLumbar pain: Unusual stretching of ligaments causing stiffness or numbness in the lower back regionMuscle spasms or persisting pain in the lower or upper back due to unusual activityGenetic issues: Some people are born with genetic defects that require spinal surgery. Such genetic issues include bone disfigurement or an extended spinal cord. These defects may seem harmless at first but start interfering with the everyday life of the patient as the body grows in size.Types of spine surgery Laminectomy: The idea behind performing this surgery is to enlarge the spinal canal and reduce the pressure on the nerves due to spinal stenosis. Surgeons remove the complete bone that lies over the spinal canal. Fusion: Spinal fusion is combining two or more bones to add stability or reduce pain in the curvature of the human body. It can also eliminate motion that has become the cause of pain for a person. Artificial discs: A relatively new technology, this procedure involves inserting artificially created discs in place of the ruptured or damaged discs. Doctors perform surgery to insert artificial discs when the original discs are entirely damaged, and nothing else is working. Discectomy: When the disc is herniated or ruptured, doctors remove a portion of the disc through surgery to reduce inflammation and pain. Doctors may suggest removing the vertebral portion to access the disc.Risks of spine surgerySimilar to every other operation, spinal surgery carries the following risks:Anesthesia-related issues: Doctors perform spinal surgery under the effects of general anesthesia. In rare cases, a patient may have some reaction to general anesthesia, which may lead to complications in the surgery.Blood Clots: During or after the surgery, blood clots may form in the veins surrounding the area or in the legs. Infection: Whenever an incision is made anywhere in the skin, there is a chance of infection. It is essential to treat surgical wounds properly. Fracture or spinal cord injury: Spine surgery deals with the spinal cord, and any metal screws or parts inserted in the body increase the chances of fracture.Factors affecting the cost of treatment in different states in India:Spine Surgery Cost In Hyderabad: Renowned neuroscience centers with exceptional surgeonsSpine Surgery Cost In Mumbai: Experienced doctors and world-class facilitiesSpine Surgery Cost In Bangalore: Customized cost packages for international patientsSpine Surgery Cost In Delhi: The infrastructure and world-class facilities for private hospitalsTestimonialsHospals has been the best guide I could have asked for when I went to India for my spine surgery. Their packages enabled me to get spine surgery within my financial resources without any additional burden.- Saara Samra, EthiopiaDr. Ankur Nanda performed my cervical spine surgery. Not only was he calm and confident, but his staff was also very welcoming and made me feel comfortable throughout. None of this could have been made possible without Hospals.- Edith Edowa, GhanaI can not say enough good things about Hospals. The staff is friendly and courteous, the process is very detail-oriented, and every single item is taken care of.- Ibrahim Khalil, Saudi ArabiaHospals saved my life by helping me get the best package for spine surgery in Delhi without compromising on quality. Their world-class facilities and high-quality services are what enabled me to live a new life again.- Jennett Mohd., Ethiopia

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