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Top Doctors for Varicocele Surgery (Nephrology & Urology) Treatment in India

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Varicocele Surgery cost In IndiaThe total Varicocele surgery cost in India is around USD 3000, which varies depending upon various factors.There is an 80% Varicocele Surgery success rate In India.Rainbow Hospital, Medanta, Max Hospital, Fortis Bangalore and Lilavati Hospital are some of the best hospitals for Varicocele surgery in India. Some of the veterans and highly skilled doctors are Dr. Rajesh Kumar Ahlawat, Dr Narmada Prasad, Dr Anant Kumar and Dr. Mohan Keshavamurthy.Varicocele surgery In India is a two-day procedure in the hospital, and patients need to stay for almost eight days in India. About VaricoceleVaricocele is the condition (in males) in which pampiniform plexus (vein inside scrotum) becomes enlarged. Scrotum in the males, part of the reproductive system, is responsible for making, storing, and moving sperms. Scrotum holds the testicles which produce sperm and the hormone testosterone. The veins look like various veins twisted together and have been described as Looking like a "bag of worms". Varicoceles are almost always on the left side, but in rare cases, both sides can be affected. Symptoms Recurring pain in the scrotumInfertility as a result of low sperm productionSwelling in the testicles (painless)Presence of lump in either side of the testicles or both the sideA large and visible swollen vein in the scrotum Causes Though the exact cause of varicocele is still unknown, one possible explanation can be the prevention of blood flow in the veins (valves in the spermatic cord can prevent the blood flow). The lack of blood supply can damage the testicle and can cause low sperm production leading to infertility. Diagnosis Before beginning the treatment, it is essential to go through several tests and prognosis to better understand the problem and situation. This will let the doctor suggest the appropriate treatment for the condition. First, the doctor takes a brief about the family history and the medical history of the patient. Then, a general physical health examination where the doctor performs a simple physical examination of the scrotum to test lump or vein enlargement.Scrotal Ultrasound: Scrotal Ultrasound gives an accurate and detailed picture of the Varicocele condition to the doctor. Transrectal ultrasound: Transrectal ultrasound helps to know the blockage in the reproductive system. Varicocele Surgery Procedure Before Surgery The doctor will take complete details about the medications, supplements, and other health issues if any.The patient is not allowed to eat anything before eight to 10 hours of the surgery. During the Surgery The surgery takes about three to four hours under general anesthesia. The doctor will start by giving the patient anesthesia through IV (intravenous).The surgeon will remove urine by inserting a bladder catheter.In the next step, the surgeon will make several cuts in the lower abdomen to insert the laparoscopy through one of the incisions and surgical tools through other cuts. To make more space for the procedure, the surgeon introduces gas into the abdomen.With the tool's help, the surgeon cut the enlarged vein that was blocking the blood flow.The next step is to seal the ends of the veins using small clamps.Now the surgeon removes the tools. After the Surgery Take proper medications as per doctor prescriptions, and follow doctor’s instructions for incision healing. Applying ice packs on the scrotum for 10 minutes are beneficial for swelling. Varicocele Surgery cost in India Varicocele surgery cost in Kerala: Kerala has some of the very advanced hospitals with unsurpassed, world-class facilities. Very renowned doctors trained in many disciples and highly trained medical staff add to the success of the medical ranking of Kerala. Kerala is also famous for maintaining high standards of hygiene and international connectivity. Varicocele surgery cost in Hyderabad: Hyderabad is the home of very experienced surgeons and doctors. Top class hospitals in Hyderabad offer the most excellent healthcare facilities using the most modern and sophisticated technology. Varicocele surgery cost in Mumbai: Not only from India, but people from all over the world come for quality treatment in Mumbai. Mumbai based hospitals are famous for following quality based treatment and have the latest infrastructure. Doctors, healthcare staff, nurses, and other medical workers add to Mumbai treatment facilities' success. Mumbai has shown tremendous growth in the field of medicine. Varicocele surgery cost in Delhi: The advent of innovative techniques and the ability to offer a variety of assisted reproductive techniques are some major factors that affect the cost in Delhi. Some other factors are experienced team of doctors, low expenditure on stay, internationally accredited hospitals, multi-disciplinary capability, state of the art facilities, world class infrastructure and excellent patient care ambience and processes.Testimonials For almost a year, I was traveling to different countries to get the treatment of Varicocele. India was one such destination, and I am happy to admit that it was my last destination as a medical tourist. Like the previous ones, I was hopeless like every other time but was amazed to get the most comprehensive treatment. I only had to visit the doctors and rest everything, from appointment to surgery dates, was taken care of by hospals.- Ben Kennedy, Canada We have made India our home for medical treatment. We only prefer India and Hospals and suggest this to every person who needs the best treatment facilities and services in India. Hospals connects patients from every corner of the world with the best doctors and hospitals. They take care of every small detail, and you don't have to worry about anything. My varicocele surgery In India was done in BLK super specialty Hospital. I will recommend this to everyone. - David Kumar, Fiji Island I was sure about India for my varicocele surgery but was unsure about which hospital to choose and which doctor to consult. One day, I accidentally landed on the Hospals website and immediately got in touch with the team. They assured me the best service, and I was immediately convinced. When I landed in India, I got more than I expected. Every day of my treatment, from test to diagnosis, was planned. The best doctor, best hospital, and every single report was well prepared. Great job, Hospals! - Hiba Nawab, Bangladesh I contacted a couple of medical platforms, but after listening to my emergency demands, every platform denied. I tried Hospals, and to my surprise, they agreed to whatever my demands were. Within three days, they arranged a medical visa. My varicocele surgery was successful. - Druk Namgay, Nepal

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