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Top Doctors for Hair Transplant (Hair Transplant) Treatment in India

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Hair transplant cost in India The total cost of hair transplant in India is around USD 2,000 depending upon various factors.There is a 97% success rate of hair transplant in India, which makes it one of the most preferred countries for hair transplant across the world.Some of the experienced doctors in the field are Dr. Sakshi Shrivastav, Dr. Vipul Nanda, and Dr. Sandeep Dawre. The best hospitals include Jaypee Hospital, Artemis Hospital and W Pratiksha Hospital.It is a one-day procedure in the hospital, and patients need to stay for almost six days in India.About hair transplant Also known as alopecia, hair loss is a condition that causes permanent baldness on the head or some other part of the body. A hair transplant is one of the most effective ways to overcome the situation. It also helps in restoring eyelashes, chest hair, eyebrows, beard hair, etc. Hair transplantation is a surgical technique that removes hair follicles from one part of the body to a balding part of the body. The donor site is the area from where the hair is removed and placed in the area called the recipient site where the balding is. Hair starts to grow naturally after the transplant. The cost of hair transplantation depends on the number of grafts and the type of treatment chosen. FUE procedure is costlier. Symptoms and causes of hair lossHair loss is a widespread problem nowadays. Some of the signs and causes of hair loss are as follows-SymptomsCircular or patchy bald spotsSudden loosening of hairGradual thinning on top of the headFull-body hair loss CausesHeredityMedication And supplementStressful lifeHormonal ChangesCertain hairstyle and treatment Why do you need a hair transplant?Baldness needs to be treated for cosmetic purposes. It causes a lack of confidence and low self-esteem in patients. DiagnosisThe doctor will ask about medical history and family history. Doctor will give you a physical exam before going for specific tests. The cause of hair loss is diagnosed by the appearance of a patch and fungal examination. Some of the criteria to know the hair loss problem are as follows:- Blood test: This helps in uncovering the medical conditions related to hair loss.Pull Test: To determine the stage of the hair shedding, doctors perform the pull test. The doctor pulls several dozen hairs to check how many get pulled out.Scalp Biopsy: To determine whether some kind of infection is causing hair loss or there is some other cause, the doctor suggests scalp biopsy. The doctor scrapes samples from the scalp or a few hair to examine the hair roots. Light microscopy: Doctors use a particular instrument to examine hair trims. Microscopy helps uncover the possible disorders of the hair shaft. TreatmentWith the advancement in technology, research, and development, it became possible to reverse the hair loss problem. Treatments include medications, surgery, and transplant, which either stop the hair loss or slow the process.Hair transplant surgery: Hair transplant can regrow most of the hair you have left. A Dermatologist removes tiny patches of skin, each containing one to several hairs, from the back of your scalp. The doctor then implants the hair follicle on the bald area. Sometimes, more than one surgery is also required to get the desired result. Hair surgeries can sometimes be risky and painful. Bleeding and scarring are possible risks. FUSS(Follicular Unit Strip Surgery) Under local anesthesia, doctors, take out a strip of hair from the donor site. Grafts are dissected from the tar strip and then implanted onto the bald area. After ten days of surgery, the doctor removes the stitches.FUE(Follicular unit extraction) Doctors remove follicular units one by one under local anesthesia. FUE is more expensive than the FUSS procedure. It is also a less painful procedure but a more time consuming one.Before the transplant procedure:Before the transplant, the doctor examines the patient's scalp and tries to understand the patient’s expectations thoroughly. After discussion, the doctor advises the best options and treatments according to the requirement.During the procedure: The first step is to shampoo the patient's hair to prevent it from any fungal infection.Donor hair grafts can be extracted by different methods either by removing a single strip of skin and hair (FUSS)or removing the follicles individually (FUE). Proper extraction of the hair follicle is vital to maintain viability.After extraction, the surgeon prepares the graft, cleans, and numbs the recipient area and places each graft.According to the density, doctors place the grafts in front and back.The process will take around 4-5 hours.Doctors decide sessions depending upon the number of grafts.After the procedure:Tender scalp.You have to wear bandages over the scalp, depending upon the treatment.Protect your scalp from the sun.Doctors prescribe postoperative antibiotics to prevent wound or graft infections.Shampooing the hair is very important to prevent the transplanted hair from falling off.Factor affecting the cost of different parts of India. Hair Transplant cost in Mumbai: Highly qualified doctors and best hospitals across India makes India one of the hotspots for hair transplant. Mumbai is one such state which is highly preferred by the patients to get the hair transplant done. Hair Transplant cost in Bangalore: Like all other domains, Bangalore is making extraordinary progress in the field of medicine as well. All types of facilities and treatments are now available in Bangalore with the best care and results. Hair Transplant cost in Delhi: Delhi also has some of the best clinics where qualified doctors are available to provide the best treatment possible.TestimonialsI got the most comprehensive and effective hair transplant treatment in India. My trust was all put into Hospitals. Hospals took care of everything, and everything turned out to be very smooth and successful. Very happy with the treatment experience in India.- Makena Robert , KenyaI was looking for good doctors and hospitals for my hair transplant. One of my friends suggested Hospals, and I decided to give it a try. Since I was alone to travel in India, Hospals made arrangements for everything, from Visa to hotels. I got a successful treatment done, and I am thrilled with the results. The credit goes to Hospals.- Linda Luize, TanzaniaI had my hair transplant in India in September 2018. As it is a costly procedure, I would not have been able to afford this. But Hospals had medical packages which helped me a lot within my budget.- Ali Hassan, OmanMy daughter was suffering from hair loss from many weeks. Tests declared that it was alopecia. I consulted Hospals, and everything in India was taken care of. My daughter has perfectly healthy hair now.- Maria, Uganda

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