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Trauma Surgery For Accident Victims: All Your Concerns Resolved

12 Apr, 2022

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Every year over million people get injured on the world’s roads. For children and young people of all ages, road traffic crashes are a leading cause of death. Car accidents, stabbings, and gunshot wounds are all common causes of trauma in patients. Many lives can be saved if we know how to use the golden hour during an emergency, how to control hemorrhage(blood loss), and more. Here we will discuss a few facts related to trauma care and emergency services with our eminent trauma surgery specialist in India. Continue reading to know more.

What is trauma surgery?

Trauma surgery is a surgical specialty that focuses on the medical treatment and management of injuries caused due to impact forces, which are often life-threatening. Falls, crush injuries, and pedestrians struck by a car can all result in traumatic injuries.

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What are the procedures involved in trauma surgery?

  • Patients are rapidly screened when they arrive at the emergency room to determine the degree of their injuries.
  • If urgent surgery is not required to save the patient's life, resuscitation and stabilization are top objectives before surgery.
  • After that, definitive surgical therapy is administered.

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How do diagnose the severity of trauma?

  • Radiographic X-rays and CT scans, as well as MRIs, are used to determine the extent of injuries. The surgeon can use these techniques to detect internal organ damage and bleeding.
  • Trauma surgeons collaborate closely with emergency medical personnel in the patient's resuscitation and stabilization efforts.

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How should you take care of blood loss at the accident spot for the trauma victim?

  • You can apply direct pressure to the bleeding on the outside.
  • Apply pressure to the wound until it stops bleeding.
  • Cover the area with sterile cotton, a piece of cloth, or a bandage (if time permits). Otherwise, stop the bleeding with your bare hands. To avoid infection, wash your hands before and after administering first aid to the victim.
  • Remove any things that have penetrated the victim's body as soon as possible. Wrap a sterile bandage around the thing and tape it down.
  • Cover the dressing with a cold pack.
  • If the bleeding persists, add another layer of gauze over the first.
  • Even if the first layer of gauze is entirely soaked or drenched, do not remove it.
  • Meanwhile, seek medical attention to avoid further blood loss.
  • Immobilize the affected area.

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How a trauma surgery specialist will approach the victim in emergency care?

  • Primary care includes airway patency, respiration, circulation, and the use of required medicines.
  • At the time of admission, triage care examines the patient's vital signs, age, and history of any pre-existing problems, such as cardiopulmonary diseases.
  • Laboratory testing, such as blood tests, as well as intravenous access lines and equipment for monitoring vital signs and central venous pressure, may be required.

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How the recovery is like after an accident and trauma care?

As per the trauma surgery doctor in India, your recovery process will be monitored by your medical personnel. In the hospital, the postoperative management of such patients includes -

  • Catheter removal
  • Medications like pain relievers
  • Bowel function recovery
  • A phased diet pattern like intake of solid food after taking a liquid diet,

Our dietician will recommend a diet chart for you. You should follow the same for a speedy recovery.

  • Our staff will describe the home care procedure to your family for the later days of your recovery.
  • In a few cases, your surgeon will suggest post-surgical rehabilitation for your recovery.

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Why should you consider getting trauma surgery in India?

For the following reasons, India is the most popular destination for trauma surgery treatment.

  • India's cutting-edge technology,
  • medical expertise with a multidisciplinary team which includes a vascular surgeon(for managing damage to the blood vessels), a general surgeon(to treat injury to the abdomen or in any internal organ), an orthopedic surgeon( to treat injured bone and broken ribs) along with experienced trauma surgery specialists in India.
  • Affordable treatment cost
  • Success rate
  • Post-surgical follow-ups
  • post-surgery rehabilitation(if necessary)

Our patients need high-quality and cost-effective health care that we can provide effectively in comparison to other countries around the globe.

How can we help you out with sports injury treatment in India?

If you are in search of orthopedic hospitals in India, we will guide you throughout your treatment journey and will be present physically with you even before your treatment is started. We will provide you with the following:

  • Expert physicians and surgeon’s opinions
  • Transparent communication
  • Coordinated care
  • Prior appointment with specialists
  • Assistance in hospital formalities
  • 24*7 availability
  • Arrangement for travel
  • Assistance for accommodation and healthy recovery
  • Assistance in emergencies

We are committed to providing the best health care services to our patients. We have a team of trained and highly dedicated health experts who will be there by your side right from the beginning of your journey.

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