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What Can You Expect After Varicocele Surgery?

24 Aug, 2022

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If you have been diagnosed with varicocele, you might be suffering from swelling, discomfort, and other symptoms. In a varicocele, the veins inside the scrotum may become abnormally large in some people. In some people, swollen veins may still be visible even after surgery and may take longer than usual to disappear completely. According to our nephrology and urology expert, if the swelling is causing chronic pain and male infertility, you can consider surgery as a potential treatment option. However, the outcome of the surgery for varicocele treatment is still debatable.

Facts you need to know about varicocele

  • Varicocele may occur on one side, the left side is more common.
  • The condition is marked by pain and low sperm counts.
  • Usually, only symptomatic varicocele may require treatment.

Understanding varicocele surgery

Varicocele surgery, also known as varicocelectomy, refers to three distinct surgical procedures that are typically performed as outpatient procedures. Both men and boys could benefit from treatment.

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By blocking or cutting off these enlarged veins, each type of surgery aims to restore normal blood flow to the testicle. By restoring normal blood flow, the environment around the testicle becomes more conducive to the production of testosterone and other hormones.

There are various options for treating varicocele. We have mentioned them below.

  • Laparoscopic varicocelectomy: Through the laparoscopic procedure, the obstruction in the groin area can be accessed through one or several tiny incisions.
  • Microscopic varicocelectomy: An open surgery in which the obstruction is approached through a groin incision. When abnormal veins are clamped or tied off, blood flow is redirected.
  • Percutaneous embolization: A minimally invasive procedure that involves passing a narrow tube through a vein in the neck or groin to the testicular veins inside the abdomen. The veins are blocked off with chemicals or tiny metal coils so that blood flow can be diverted to normal veins.

Among these options, microsurgical varicocelectomy is known to have the best outcomes in comparison to other options. Therefore, it is the most commonly used surgery to treat your varicocele symptoms effectively.

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What are the benefits you can have after varicocele surgery?

Varicocele is a common condition that affects 15% to 20% of all males and 40% of infertile men.

It can cause pain, azoospermia (the lack of motile sperm), and testicular atrophy (shrinkage). With a successful varicocele treatment, you might get rid of chronic pain, male infertility, and other associated problems as well.

Chronic pain: As per our best doctors in India, all varicoceles are not causing problems. You should consider surgery only if:

  • You are suffering from chronic pain
  • The pain is not getting relieved even after medication

If surgery is recommended, the healthcare provider will conduct tests to rule out other potential causes and characterize the nature of the pain. The investigation could include:

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-Culture of urine

-Ultrasound of the scrotum

-CT scan or abdominal ultrasound

Male infertility: The use of varicocele surgery to treat male infertility is still debatable. The benefits of treatment do not always correspond with increases in pregnancy rates, depending on the surgical approach.

To resolve this problem, surgery is only indicated when:

  • Varicocele is detected on physical examination
  • All the fertility parameters of the female partner are normal.
  • Abnormal semen or insufficient sperm from the male partner.
  • Other problems in boys: The benefits of varicocele surgery in boys are not as obvious as they are in men. Though symptoms are frequently detected in early adolescence, there is no guarantee that preemptive treatment will prevent future infertility.

Your doctor will only consider varicocele surgery for boys or at a younger age if :

-The boy is suffering from chronic testicular pain.

- Abnormal semen parameters.

- Progressive or gradual growth in testicles.

What can you expect after surgery?

You are wheeled to a recovery room after surgery until you are fully awake and your vital signs have returned to normal. It is not uncommon to experience drowsiness, fatigue, and nausea. Pain in and around the incision site is also possible.

You can be discharged from the hospital once you are stable enough to walk. Your healthcare team will provide you with the instructions you need to follow after surgery.

The bottom line:

Varicocele is clearly a very uncomfortable and embarrassing condition for some men. But keep in mind that your health is your top priority. So, set aside any hesitations and discuss the issue with your doctor.

In many cases, varicoceles can be treated without surgery. As a result, it is preferable that you resolve this issue as soon as possible before it worsens.

How can we help with the treatment?

If you are in search of varicocele treatment options in India, our medical trip advisors will serve as your guide throughout the treatment. They will be physically present with you even before the medical treatment begins. The following will be provided to you:

  • Opinions of expert physicians and surgeons
  • Transparent communication
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  • Assistance with hospital formalities
  • 24*7 availability
  • Arrangement for travel
  • Assistance for accommodation and healthy recovery
  • Assistance in emergencies

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Varicocele surgery is a procedure to treat enlarged veins in the scrotum, which can cause discomfort and affect fertility.