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Seven Precautions You Need to Take After Fistula Surgery, Expert Says

07 Jul, 2022

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Most patients think about whether they will get the desired surgical outcome after fistula surgery or not. As a patient, you may feel a little fatigued after surgery. However, you shouldn't ignore the aftercare following surgery, as you might end up suffering from some complications related to fistula surgery. So, here we’ve discussed seven precautions that you need to know for your easy recovery after fistula surgery. Let’s get to know it further.

Seven precautions after Fistula surgery

1. Knowing proper wound care:

To begin with, let me discuss the most basic post-treatment precautions. The wound must be appropriately cared for in order to recuperate quickly after fistula surgery. If the wound is not treated properly, the chances of a fistula recurrence will increase. As a result, avoid getting the surgical wound moist and unclean. You only need to keep it as clean and dry as possible.2.

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2. A good dressing is necessary:

The doctors will almost certainly advise you to get a regular dressing. However, you do not need to strictly adhere to the doctor's dressing regimen. If the dressing becomes soaked before your dressing date, go to the doctor as soon as possible to get the right dressing.

3. A big no to strenuous work:

After a few days, you can resume regular activities. However, you should avoid heavy lifting and strenuous activities such as outdoor sports for an extended length of time. If you're an athlete, see a doctor before you get back on the field.

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4. Sitz bath is a savior:

A sitz bath is a tiny bath filled with warm or hot water that is used to cleanse the perineum(anal area). These can assist in relieving pain, and in the beginning, you may wish to take them each day or after each bowel movement.

If you are traveling, a sitz bath seat can be used, instead. This easily fits over your toilet seat, so all you have to do is add water and sit in it. Many patients also like to add Epsom salt to their sitz bath. After bathing, pat the area gently rather than rubbing it, which can irritate the skin.

5. Watch your symptoms:

If you experience nausea or vomiting, a sudden high temperature that lasts for hours, or persistent bleeding from the surgical area, contact your doctor immediately rather than treating the wound yourself. This is by far the most crucial precaution to take following fistula surgery. Don't try to be your own doctor; instead, let the professionals handle your recovery.

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If you’re experiencing bloating and are unable to pass gas, which leads to a problem surrounding the surgical area, see your doctor. If you want to help your recovery without any issues, don't overlook such complications.

6. Follow the prescribed medicine:

It goes without saying that you should take the prescription exactly as prescribed by your doctor. Combat post-surgery lethargy by staying on top of your medication regimen.

7. A healthy diet is a must:

Follow the food recommended by your surgeons for recuperation after fistula surgery. When recovering from surgery, your nutrition and lifestyle become extremely crucial. The same is true for healing from a fistula surgery; eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of water.

When should you seek medical help after surgery?

If you detect any of the following red flag indications or symptoms, you should call your doctor or surgeon right away.

  • Bruising at the fistula site
  • If you have a fever after surgery, i.e., higher than 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This could be a sign of developing an infection.
  • If you perceive a lack of thrill at the site of the fistula. This situation becomes an emergency since it indicates the formation of a thrombus/clot at the site of the fistula.
  • If you detect tingling, numbness, or weakness in your arm, you may have a fistula. This happens as a result of ischemic polyneuropathy, or a lack of blood supply to the remaining arm as a result of restricted blood flow.
  • If you detect shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, as well as swelling in your lower limbs. This is a life-threatening condition that suggests heart failure.

Each procedure has advantages and disadvantages. Recovery from any type of surgery is heavily reliant on the post-operative care offered to the patients, as well as self-care in the form of appropriate precautions, adequate rest, and a suitable diet and regimen.

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After fistula surgery, it's essential to follow certain precautions for a smooth recovery. These include wound care, proper dressing, avoiding strenuous activities, using sitz baths, watching for symptoms, taking prescribed medicine, and maintaining a healthy diet.