Dr. Suraj Munjal

Dr. Suraj Munjal

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Dr. Suraj Munjal holds an MS in Ophthalmology from the University College of Medical Sciences & GTB Hospital (2007) and an MBBS from Pt. Bhagwan Dayal Sharma Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Rohtak (2002).
Dr. Suraj Munjal is widely recognized as one of the best Eye Specialists in Delhi-NCR, with expertise in Refractive Surgeries, Cornea Transplants, LASIK surgeries, and eye color change surgery.
Dr. Suraj Munjal is the founder and CMD of Spectra Eye Group of Hospitals, a renowned chain of eye hospitals providing comprehensive eye care services.
Dr. Suraj Munjal has performed surgeries in various Middle Eastern countries such as Iraq, Dubai, Kurdistan, Bahrain, among others, as invited by local governments.
Dr. Suraj Munjal has received numerous accolades, including being recognized as a consultant Eye Surgeon for the Honorable Chief Minister of Mizoram, India. He has also won the Best Paper Award at AIOS 2008 and is registered with the Council of Mauritius and Nigeria to conduct surgical procedures.
Eye color change surgery, also known as iris implant surgery, is a procedure that offers a permanent change in eye color. Dr. Suraj Munjal specializes in this innovative procedure.
Renowned model Pixee Fox from Sweden chose Dr. Suraj Munjal for her eye color change surgery. She opted for the Sea Green color, desiring an extreme look that couldn't be achieved naturally.
Dr. Suraj Munjal is at the forefront of eye color change surgery in India, offering the highest level of quality, advanced technology, and personalized care to patients. He ensures integrity throughout the entire surgical journey.
Dr. Suraj Munjal has vast experience in cataract surgeries, LASIK surgeries, squint surgeries, and corneal transplants. He is one of the leading users of ICL (Implantable Collamer Lens) and INTACS rings for keratoconus in North India.
Dr. Suraj Munjal is currently heading Spectra Eye Centers (Group of Eye Hospitals) at Delhi-NCR and Mauritius, including the Refractive Centre at Fortis, Darne, and the Eye department at Apollo, Welkins.
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