Dr. Sanjay Kumar Gudwani

Dr. Sanjay Kumar Gudwani

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Dr. Sanjay Kumar Gudwani is an ENT specialist with a special interest in Minimal Invasive Nasal and Sinus Surgeries (Endoscopic FESS) and Rhinology, including aesthetic surgeries like Rhinoplasties and facioplastic procedures.
Dr. Gudwani specializes in minimal invasive nasal and sinus surgeries, rhinology, including aesthetic surgeries, endoscopic DCR (Dacryocystorhinostomy), anterior and lateral skull base surgeries, advanced nasal tumors, cochlear implants, other middle ear implants surgeries, and sleep-related disorders such as snoring and OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea) surgery.
Yes, Dr. Gudwani performs aesthetic surgeries like Rhinoplasties (nose reshaping) and facioplastic procedures (facial plastic surgery).
Yes, Dr. Gudwani is experienced in performing surgeries for advanced nasal tumors and other conditions related to the nasal cavity.
Yes, Dr. Gudwani is skilled in performing cochlear implant surgeries, which involve the implantation of a device to help individuals with severe hearing loss or deafness.
Yes, Dr. Gudwani provides surgical treatment options for sleep-related disorders such as snoring and OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea).
To schedule a consultation with Dr. Sanjay Kumar Gudwani, you can contact the hospital or clinic where he practices. They will provide you with further information and assist you in scheduling an appointment.
In addition to his special interests and areas of specialization, Dr. Gudwani provides comprehensive basic ENT services, addressing various conditions and concerns related to the ear, nose, and throat.
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