Dr Deepak Govil

Dr Deepak Govil

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Dr. Govil is a highly qualified gastroenterological surgeon with over 40 years of experience. He has a MBBS, MS - General Surgery, and PhD - Gastrointestinal Surgery. He has also completed fellowships in Pancreato-Biliary Surgery and Colorectal Surgery.
Dr. Govil is an expert in managing all gastrointestinal conditions, including: · Pancreatitis · Gallbladder disease · Liver disease · Inflammatory bowel disease · Colorectal cancer · Anorectal disorders
Dr. Govil's approach to treatment is patient-centered. He takes the time to understand each patient's individual needs and goals, and he works with them to develop a treatment plan that is right for them. He is also committed to providing his patients with the best possible care, and he has a proven track record of success.
Dr. Govil has been recognized for his work in gastroenterological surgery. He has won several awards, including the "Best Gastrointestinal Surgeon Award" from the Indian Association of Surgical Gastroenterology. He has also published several papers in peer-reviewed journals.
Dr. Govil is currently working on a new minimally invasive surgery technique for pancreatic cancer. He is also planning to launch a new research foundation for gastrointestinal diseases.
Dr. Govil has received excellent patient reviews. His patients praise his expertise, his compassion, and his dedication to providing the best possible care.
Dr. Govil is available to see patients at the Indraprastha Apollo Hospital in New Delhi. He also has a private practice in Delhi.
The cost of a consultation with Dr. Govil varies depending on the type of consultation. Please contact his office for more information.
You can make an appointment with Dr. Govil by calling his office or by visiting his website.
Here are some of the questions you should ask Dr. Govil during your consultation: · What are my options for treatment? · What are the risks and benefits of each option? · What is the success rate of each option? · What is the recovery time for each option? · What are the costs of each option?
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