By Healthtrip Team Blog Published on - 12 September - 2022

Why is Jaw surgery required?

Jaw Surgery

Jaw surgery is also known as orthognathic surgery which is required in order to correct the irregularity of the jaw bones and realign the jaw in cases where the shape is not fine, further it helps to improve the function of the jaw.

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Further, Jaw surgery is also required for cosmetic purposes and to change the facial appearance of a person. It is preferred in cases where the orthodontist cannot resolve the jaw-related alignment. People who go for jaw surgery are also required to wear braces on the teeth before the surgery and during the recovery process so that the entire jaw along with the teeth gets aligned properly.

Why is it required?

Jaw surgery may be required for a various number of reasons depending upon person to person; some of the important reasons might include:

  • People who suffer from deep bite issues might go for jaw surgery.
  • To improve overall chewing
  • Correct speech
  • Correct swallowing
  • Correct jaw fit or jaw closure
  • To minimize excessive wear and breakdown of teeth
  • Facial injury
  • Repair birth defects
  • To give relief from sleep apnea
  • Cosmetic purpose
  • Correct facial imbalance
  • Repair accidental injuries
  • Jaw fracture

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Risk factors associated with Jaw Surgery

Jaw surgery is generally a safe procedure but every surgery has some or other risk factor associated with it. One should consult an experienced oral or maxillofacial surgeon for the surgery keeping the jaw surgery cost in India into account which is usually affordable.

Some of the risk factors might include:

  • Excessive Blood loss
  • Infection
  • Nerve injury
  • Relapse of jaw
  • Jaw fracture
  • Need for root canal
  • Failure of surgery
  • Problem with jaw fit surgery
  • Unsatisfactory cosmetic results

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How can we help with the treatment?

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