By Healthtrip Team Blog Published on - 08 April - 2022

What Are The 7 Warning Signs Of Cancer?

With the advancement of medical research, medicine, and technology, people can now live longer even after cancer detection. Early check-ups and routine screening have given human beings the chance to beat cancer or live a better life despite the disease, primarily when the treatment becomes straightforward with early detection.

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Some of the symptoms that individual experiences can be viewed as warning signs, and they should immediately head to a doctor to get an opinion.

Here are seven warning signs of cancer

1. Weight Loss

Unless you have been working towards reducing your weight, if there is a sudden weight loss within a short time, you should visit your doctor. Furthermore, if it is accompanied by weakness, it can signify early cancer or related ailment.

2. Bowel and Bladder Habit Change

If you have sudden loose motion or experience constipation regularly, it can be an onset of pancreatic, stomach, ovarian, or colon cancer. However, most give the warning signal as sudden changes in the bladder and bowel habits of the individual.

3. Unhealed Sores

In case of an injury and you have a wound that fails to heal within the expected time can be an indicator of cancer. Moreover, if the sore or wound gets bigger with crusts and unusual-shaped border instead of healing, it can be an issue for concern. You should immediately visit the doctor if the wound has scabs or foul-smelling discharge.

4. Sudden Bleeding

While urinating or passing stools, if an individual experiences sudden and unusual bleeding regularly, it can signify intestine, bladder, or kidney cancer. Though urinal bleeding can be due to other reasons, like UTI or liver or kidney ailments, it is always better to get checked by the doctor so that medication can be started immediately.

5. Lump On The Breast

If there is any unusual thickness or lump on the breast or any part of the body, it should be diagnosed immediately. At times the lump can contain fluid or blood and be painful. If left untreated, it can become cancerous. Hence, a regular check-up of the breast is a must. It can be done at home, must be made, and head to the doctor in case of any irregularities.

6. Continuous Indigestion

You can experience indigestion for different reasons, but it is a persistent feature and difficulty in swallowing. In addition, it can be a sign of cancer. So even if there is a feeling of having a constant lump on the throat and it is accompanied by irregular bowel movement and indigestion, it needs to be investigated without delay.

7. Hoarse Throat With Nagging Cough

If you are experiencing prolonged cough with a hoarse throat despite taking cough medicines, it can signify lung disease. However, it can also be a sign of lung cancer. It does not always have to be accompanied by shortness of breath, chest pain, fatigue, or weight loss. The early warning can be just a nagging cough.

Apart from all these, if you are experiencing night sweats and extreme fever despite taking medication, get checked for cancer.

Final Words

Early detection of cancer can be cured, and it doesn’t have to be a fatal disease. One can live a happy and healthy life and recover from it with a range of medication and surgeries. Hence be aware of these signs and take care of yourself.

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