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Why is Varicocelectomy required and What are the complications associated with it?


Varicoceles are basically veins that are present in the scrotum which is basically the pouch of skin where the testicles are present. Varicocelectomy is basically a surgery that is required in order to remove the swollen veins that are present inside the scrotum.

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In this condition, the veins of the scrotum get swollen or enlarged which is basically a quite common problem and according to reports 15 men out of every 100 suffer from varicocele. When the veins develop swelling in the scrotum it blocks the blood flow to the other parts of the reproductive system which causes a decrease in sperm count and other serious health problems.

It is usually a condition that most men suffer but nowadays it is also common in younger men. Generally, if the person is not suffering from any pain or discomfort then the doctor usually advises the patient not to go for surgery in order to avoid any risk factor.

Symptoms of varicocele

Generally, varicocele does not cause symptoms or problems but there can be a few complications that one can experience which usually depend upon person to person and the severity of their condition.

Still, there are a few complications that might include:

  • Pain in the scrotal region
  • Swollen scrotum
  • Infertility in males
  • Enlarged and heavy scrotum
  • Reduced levels of testosterone
  • Different-sized testicles

Men who suffer from varicocele usually suffer from infertility issues. According to facts, 40% of men who are infertile usually suffer from varicocele.

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Complications associated with varicocele surgery

Usually, all surgeries carry some risks and complications with it similarly Varicocele surgery also carries a few risks but mostly all of them are manageable.

Some of the risks might include:

  • Varicocele recurrence
  • Scrotal numbness
  • Vascular perforation
  • Infection
  • Fluid build-up around testicles (Hydroceles)
  • Nerve injury
  • Intestinal injury
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Blood clot
  • Damage to the testicle
  • Infertility
  • Chronic pain
  • Shrinking of testicles

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The procedure of the varicocele surgery

Before going for the surgery, a doctor usually takes a few precautionary measures and suggests things that one should stop so that there are no complications in the surgery. Usually, the doctor stops any kind of blood thinners or medicines.

If a person is consuming then the doctor advises to last up to 8 to 12 hours before the surgery and take rest so that the body can be prepared for the surgery.

  • Before starting the surgery, the anesthesiologist gives anesthesia to the patient as required.
  • The laparoscopic technique is used in order to make several small incisions in the lower abdomen so that the surgery can be performed with minimum scars to avoid bleeding and complications.
  • After that laparoscope that has a camera attached to its one end is inserted through the incision in order to see the inside of the body on a large monitor screen.
  • Then the surgical instruments are tools are inserted through those small incisions and the surgeon tries to remove the large veins that are blocking the blood flow. It is followed by sealing the veins using small clamps or by cauterizing them.
  • At last, the tools and the laparoscope is removed and the area is sealed properly.

The varicocele surgery cost is not very high and one can easily afford it.

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