By Rajwant Singh Blog Published on - 13 September - 2023

Top Bone Specialists in India

1. Dr Atul Mishra

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Consults at : Fortis Hospital, Noida

Dr Atul Mishra

  • Dr. Atul Mishra: Renowned orthopaedic surgeon in Delhi
  • Specializes in Hip Replacement Surgery and Knee Replacement Surgery
  • Vast experience: Successfully operated on thousands of ortho patients
  • Expertise in knee surgery and arthroplasty
  • Utilizes advanced surgical techniques for minimal postoperative pain
  • Known for facilitating rapid recovery in patients
  • Highly popular in Delhi NCR for his exceptional skills

2. Dr Sumit Bhushan

Consults at : Jaypee Hospital

Dr Sumit Bhushan

  • Dr. Sumit Bhushan Sharma: Highly skilled orthopaedic surgeon
  • Associate Director of Joint and Knee Replacement at Jaypee Hospital, Noida
  • Founded Orthopaedics department at the hospital
  • Distinguished orthopaedic doctor in Northern India
  • Known for compassionate patient care
  • American Board certified with extensive training in the USA and Asia
  • Specializes in joint and knee replacement surgeries
  • Regularly updates skills through national and international conferences
  • Committed to providing the highest quality care
  • Trusted and compassionate doctor in the field of medicine.

3. Dr. Om Prakash Gupta

Consults at : Apollo Spectra

Dr. Om Prakash Gupta

  • Senior Consultant in Orthopedics & Spine Surgery
  • Consults at Apollo Spectra
  • Lifetime Member of:
  • Association of Spine Surgeons of India (ASSI)
  • Indian Orthopedic Association (IOA)
  • U.P. Orthopedic Association (UPOA)
  • Indian Arthroplasty Association (IAA)
  • IASALOC (Indian Society for Advancement of Laryngology, Otology, and Cochlear Implants)
  • Renowned expertise in orthopedic and spine surgery.

4. Dr Ashok Rajgopal

Consults at : Medanta - The Medicity

Dr Ashok Rajgopal

  • Internationally renowned orthopedic surgeon
  • Over 30,000 total knee replacement surgeries
  • More than 15,000 arthroscopic surgeries for ligament repairs
  • Numerous pioneering achievements, including:
    • First bilateral procedure in India
    • First use of Gender implant for female patients
    • First to use Patient Specific Instrumentation for total knee replacement
    • First to perform minimally invasive total knee replacement in India
  • Member of design team for Persona Knee implant
  • Developed patented instruments for MIS total knee replacement
  • Recipient of multiple awards for contributions to medical science

5. Dr Ramneek Mahajan

Consults at : Max Smart Super Speciality Hospital, Saket

Dr Ramneek Mahajan

  • Dr. Ramneek Mahajan, Senior Director & Head Joint Reconstruction Unit (Knee & Hip) at Max Institute of Musculoskeletal Science, Max Smart Super Specialty Hospital, New Delhi.
  • Over 6000 Joint replacement surgeries, including 500 in one remarkable year (2015).
  • Extensive experience in primary, complex primary, revision, and multiple-times operated revision surgeries.
  • Over 10,000 orthopedic surgeries to date.
  • Specializations in Joint Replacement and Arthroscopy.
  • Fellowship from prestigious institutions in Singapore, Australia, and Germany.
  • Former Senior Consultant at Fortis Hospitals.
  • Prior HOD, Orthopedics, Nova Special Hospital, Delhi.
  • Actively trains other surgeons through live joint replacement surgeries during symposiums and conferences.

In a nation as diverse and vibrant as India, medical expertise has always played a crucial role in ensuring the well-being of its citizens. When it comes to bone health and orthopedic care, India boasts a league of highly skilled and accomplished bone specialists who have dedicated their lives to diagnosing, treating, and preventing a wide range of skeletal disorders. In this blog, we'll explore the top bone specialists in India, their contributions to the field of orthopedics, and their commitment to maintaining healthy bones and joints for the nation's populace.

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A1: A bone specialist, also known as an orthopedic surgeon, specializes in diagnosing and treating disorders related to the musculoskeletal system, including bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons.
A2: You should consult a bone specialist if you experience persistent pain, reduced mobility, deformities, or injuries affecting your bones or joints. It's crucial to seek professional advice for proper diagnosis and treatment.
A3: Common orthopedic conditions include osteoarthritis, fractures, sports injuries, spinal disorders, and conditions affecting pediatric musculoskeletal health.
A4: To maintain good bone health, engage in regular weight-bearing exercises, consume a balanced diet rich in calcium and vitamin D, avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, and practice proper posture.
A5: No, orthopedic treatment encompasses both surgical and non-surgical approaches. Orthopedic specialists explore non-surgical interventions like physical therapy, medication, and lifestyle modifications before considering surgery.
A6: Yes, pediatric orthopedic specialists treat children with musculoskeletal conditions such as congenital deformities, growth-related disorders, and injuries, ensuring optimal bone and joint health from a young age.**
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