By Healthtrip Team Blog Published on - 27 October - 2022

Things you need to know about senning and mustard procedure

Senning surgery is basically a procedure that is required to correct the transposition of the major arteries. It is a very rare type of surgical operation and only an expert cardiologist who has experience can perform it. The objective of this procedure is to provide adequate capacity of pulmonary vein, to preserve the geometry of the mitral valve, to minimize damage of the sinus node, to make the coronary sinus more accessible for physiological study etc.

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Mustard senning procedure:

Mustard and senning procedures are quite similar as they have similar approaches and both are used in transposition of great arteries such as TGA. Both of the procedures are named after the surgeon who first performed it. There is quite a similarity of both the procedures as in both the procedures the surgeon tries to create a two way baffle in the top part of the heart that also serves as a bridge between the two sides of the heart. If one can notice in senning procedure the surgeon uses the patients on tissue in order to create the baffle. Whereas in mustard procedure instead of self tissues a synthetic material is used. Both of these procedures are also known as atrial switch procedures as they both consist of a baffle that goes to the top part of the heart or the atrium that allows the blood to reach the ventricles.

Complications and risk factors associated with mustard or senning procedure:

As discussed earlier mustard or sending prepare surgery are quite rare and can only be performed by expert cardiologists. Generally, it is a safe procedure but still there are few complications that a person might experience. Some of the complications with both of these procedures might include:

Heart Rhythm issues: It is seen that people who go for mustard or senning repair surgery often face problems with the electrical system. And in many cases it is seen that the sinus node gets damaged that causes sick sinus syndrome which is the major reason for slow heartbeat. Generally, the doctor recommends medication in order to treat the heart rhythm problem so that it does not create any life threatening condition in future.

Pump related issue: If the mustard repair surgery is not successful then the muscles of the right ventricle that pumps blood to the body get weak over the time. This later on can cause heart attack or result in heart failure.

Baffle related issues: There are conditions in which the baffle used in the selling or mustard repair surgery might have few problems. In some cases they become too narrow for which they may require surgery where a stent may be required in order to fix the problem. Further, there are also some conditions in which the baffle sutures become loose and develop holes; this causes leakage and might result in stroke, blood clots, internal bleeding, and other life threatening conditions.

Senning procedure life expectancy:

It is seen that the results of senning procedure are quite promising. And the patients who have gone through this procedure have a survival rate of 86 to 90% and they are able to live longer (upto 30 years).

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