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Suffering From Arthritis? Know All Your Treatment Options

15 Apr, 2022

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Are you aware that your knees are the most strained joint in your body? It relieves a lot of stress on a daily basis. Throughout the day, we use our knees for a variety of tasks. However, we don't think about them unless we are in pain or discomfort. This indicates that something is wrong with our knees. Osteoarthritis is one such overlooked condition that requires immediate medical intervention. Here we will discuss various available treatment options with the help of our eminent bone disease specialist in India.

Understanding osteoarthritis:

This results in painful knee joint inflammation. It irritates the slick tissue that covers the ends of bones, causing them to rub together and causing pain, swelling, and loss of motion.

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Why do you require osteoarthritis treatment?

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • knee pain that worsens after walking,
  • Difficulty utilizing the stairs
  • After a lengthy period of sitting, you find it difficult to get up.
  • stiffness in the area of the knee joint
  • Redness,
  • Swelling
  • The location is surrounded by a warm feeling.
  • Tenderness
  • a reduction in movement or flexibility
  • While moving the joint, you may hear a crackling sound.

Your doctor may offer a treatment plan that is appropriate for you to relieve these osteoarthritis symptoms.

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When should you seek medical attention for osteoarthritis?

  • If the discomfort or inflammation does not go away with time, consult a doctor.
  • If the pain does not go away after trying drugs, physiotherapy, and home treatments, you should see a doctor as soon as possible.
  • If you do not treat your knees, they will deteriorate.

How to diagnose osteoarthritis?

Following a comprehensive medical assessment and physical examination, your orthopedic surgeon may order a few tests to confirm the diagnosis, such as

  • X-rays - this can indicate damaged bone and cartilage, as well as the presence of osseous structures such as bony spurs.
  • MRI scans may be ordered if X-rays do not disclose a clear explanation for joint discomfort or if the X-rays indicate that other types of joint tissue (in the knee) may be affected.
  • Blood testing- Your doctor may recommend blood tests to rule out other possible diagnoses, such as uric acid levels in your blood (to rule out gout) or any abnormal levels of inflammatory immunoglobulins (proteins) to rule out rheumatoid arthritis.

What are osteoarthritis treatment options available in India?
The primary goals of treating osteoarthritis of the knee, according to an experienced bone disease expert in India, are pain treatment and mobility restoration. In most circumstances, the treatment strategy will include one or more of the following (If necessary) -

  • By keeping a healthy weight
  • Apply cold packs to the affected area.
  • Aim for light activity such as brisk walking or cycling.
  • Avoid high-impact exercises such as jogging and running.
  • Along with the medications suggested by your doctor, you should consider physiotherapy to increase the mobility and flexibility of your knee joint.
  • Put on knee sleeves.
  • Use a cane to help you walk (if possible)
  • Medications- the doctor ordered pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medications, as well as steroid injection shots.

Is surgery required for osteoarthritis?

If none of the above-mentioned treatments are effective, your doctor may recommend surgery as a last resort treatment for your knees.

Among the surgical options are: -

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  • Knee arthroscopy- In arthroscopy, a small telescope (arthroscope) and other small equipment are employed.

The treatment is carried out through small incisions.

The surgeon inserts an arthroscope into the joint space and removes the injured piece.

If the surgeon finds damaged cartilage or bony pieces, he or she can remove and replace them.

The procedure is commonly performed on younger patients (those under the age of 55) to postpone more major surgery.

  • Osteotomy- An osteotomy is a therapy that entails altering the bones in order to enhance knee alignment.

If your knee damage is limited to a single area, your doctor may recommend this one.

It could also help with a broken knee that hasn't healed properly.

  • Arthroplasty-Arthroplasty, often known as joint replacement surgery, is a surgical procedure. This entails the replacement of joints with artificial metal or plastic parts.

One side of the knee (partial replacement) or the entire knee might be replaced.

Patients over the age of 50 with severe osteoarthritis are frequently candidates for joint replacement surgery.

Why should you consider getting bone disease treatment in India?

India is the most favored place for orthopedic treatment operations for three major reasons. And if you are searching for a hospital in India, we will help you to find the same.

  • India's cutting-edge technology,
  • medical skills, and
  • Bone disease treatment costs in India are among the best in the world, as our patients need affordable and quality health care.

By simply packing their medical journey to India, bone disease treatment can substantially benefit the patient with their orthopedic-related therapies. We also offer a comprehensive range of physiotherapy and surgical therapies to international patients during their post-discharge recuperation vacations.

How can we help in the treatment?

If you are in search of an orthopedic hospital in India, we will serve as your guide throughout your treatment in India and will be physically present with you even before your treatment begins. The following will be provided to you:

  • Opinions of expert physicians and surgeons
  • Transparent communication
  • Coordinated care
  • Prior appointment with specialists
  • Assistance in hospital formalities
  • 24*7 availability
  • Arrangement for travel
  • Assistance for accommodation and healthy recovery
  • Assistance in emergencies

We are dedicated to offering the highest quality health care to our patients. We have a team of highly qualified and devoted health professionals that will be by your side from the beginning of your journey.

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