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How Long Does It Take to Recover from Shoulder Replacement Surgery?


Complete recovery from shoulder replacement surgery takes time and patience. Knowing the recovery timeline will help you have a successful recovery. Here we’ve discussed the shoulder replacement surgery recovery time in brief with our expert orthopedic surgeon.

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What can you expect after shoulder replacement surgery?

  • Many patients are unable to move the wrist and/or fingers of the operated-on arm immediately after shoulder replacement surgery. This is completely normal and is the result of the anesthetic block used during surgery. Within 24 hours, the block usually wears off, restoring function to the patient's wrist and/or fingers.
  • Patients should expect bruising and swelling in their arms and hands. This is a natural side effect of shoulder bruising.
  • The patient's arm will be sling-bound.
  • The majority of patients spend a night or two in the hospital; However, some total shoulder replacement surgeries may be performed as outpatients.
  • Patients can start eating solid foods the day after surgery.
  • Patients will require a driver following surgery because they will be unable to drive for six weeks.
  • Patients are given pain relievers, aspirin to prevent blood clots, and anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce swelling.
  • Patients who remain in the hospital are usually able to move well enough to go home within two days.

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How long does recovery take after a shoulder replacement procedure?

The recovery period differs from person to person and is also affected by the type of surgery performed. On the first day after surgery, you should use your arm for waist-level activities. Within the first week, you should dress and feed yourself. Be cautious when driving. Restart driving only when you are confident that you can do so safely.

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When should you contact your medical expert after surgery?

Call your surgeon's office if you are having any problems or have any questions or concerns. After your nerve block is removed, any symptoms such as fever, increased drainage, redness, swelling, or a sudden and significant increase in pain, sensation, or difficulty in movement of the arm should be reported immediately.

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What will the recovery be three months after surgery?

Three months after surgery, the patient's range of motion improves and his or her pain begins to subside. As a result, he or she can usually resume normal daily activities and a moderate exercise routine. Contact sports should be avoided.

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