By Dr. Divya Nagpal Blog Published on - 12 April - 2023

The Role of Medical Tourism Agencies in Facilitating Medical Treatment for Bangladeshi Patients in India

Medical tourism, or traveling to another country for medical care, has become more and more popular in recent years. India in particular has emerged as a top medical tourism destination. Thanks to its world-class medical infrastructure, highly qualified medical professionals and affordable costs. Tackling the complexities of medical tourism can be a daunting task for Bangladeshi patients seeking medical care in India. This is where medical tourism agencies come into play. This blog discusses the role of medical tourism agencies in facilitating the treatment of Bangladeshi patients in India.

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What is a medical tourism agency?

A medical tourism agency is a company that specializes in facilitating the care of patients traveling abroad. They act as an intermediary between patients and hospitals, assisting patients in finding the right hospital and medical professionals to meet their needs, arranging travel and accommodation, and handling all logistical arrangements. .

Role of Medical Tourism Agencies for Patients in Bangladesh

1. Assistance in choosing the right hospital and treatment: Choosing the right hospital and treatment in India can be overwhelming for Bangladeshi patients. Medical tourism organizations can help patients navigate this process by providing information about the best hospitals and medical professionals for their particular health condition. It also helps patients understand the different treatment options available and recommend the most appropriate option based on their medical history and preferences.

2. Travel and Accommodation Arrangements: Medical tourism agencies make all logistical arrangements including travel and accommodation for patients traveling to India for treatment. They can arrange flights, medical visas and hotel accommodation based on the patient's budget and preferences.

3. Liaison with hospitals and doctors: Medical tourism organizations act as intermediaries between patients and hospitals. They work with hospitals and doctors to ensure patients receive the care they need in a timely and efficient manner. They also keep patients updated on their treatment progress and inform families regularly.

4. Language and Cultural Support: Medical Tourism Organizations can help Bangladeshi patients overcome language and cultural barriers during treatment in India. They may provide interpreters or translators to help the patient communicate with the health care professional and to help manage any cultural differences the patient may encounter.

5. Follow-up after treatment: Medical tourism agencies can help patients arrange follow-up in their home country. They can provide patients with necessary medical and discharge reports to share with local doctors and provide recommendations for follow-up and rehabilitation services in Bangladesh.

Benefits of using a medical tourism agency

1. Personalized services: Medical tourism organizations provide patients with personalized services based on their individual needs and preferences. They take care of all the logistics arrangements so that patients can focus on their treatment and recovery.

2. Cost savings: Medical tourism organizations can help patients save on medical costs by negotiating with hospitals and doctors to reduce prices. It also helps patients avoid hidden and unexpected costs that may arise during treatment abroad.

3. Quality of care: Medical tourism agencies only partner with reputable hospitals and medical professionals who meet international standards of care. They ensure that patients receive quality care and are satisfied with their experience.

4. Peace of mind: Medical tourism agencies give patients peace of mind that all logistical arrangements and coordination with hospitals and doctors are in place. Patients can concentrate on treatment and recovery without worrying about transportation or accommodation.

In addition, medical tourism agencies can help patients save on treatment costs. This is because they are able to establish relationships with hospitals and medical professionals and negotiate lower prices for their customers. In addition, the payment for hidden and unexpected costs that they may incur during treatment abroad, can be avoided. Another advantage of using medical tourism agencies is that they provide patients with access to specialized medical care and technology that may not be available in their home country. For example, India is known for advanced medical treatments such as cancer, heart disease and orthopedic diseases. Traveling to India for treatment gives patients access to cutting-edge treatments and technologies that may not be available in Bangladesh.

In summary, medical tourism agencies play an important role in facilitating the treatment of Bangladeshi patients in India. They can provide valuable help and support, from choosing the right hospital and treatment to arranging travel and accommodation. By using the services of reputable medical tourism organizations such as, patients can receive quality medical care in India while minimizing the stress and hassle of logistical arrangements. However, patients should be aware of the risks and challenges of medical tourism and take appropriate precautions to ensure their safety and health.


A medical tourism agency is a company that provides assistance and support to patients who travel to another country for medical treatment. They help patients with various aspects of medical tourism, such as choosing the right hospital, arranging travel and accommodation, and providing language and cultural assistance.
Bangladeshi patients choose to use medical tourism agencies because they can provide valuable assistance and support in navigating the complexities of medical tourism. They can help patients choose the right hospital and medical professional, arrange travel and accommodation, and provide language and cultural assistance. Moreover, medical tourism agencies can negotiate lower prices for medical treatment and help patients access specialised medical treatments and technologies.
To choose a reputable medical tourism agency, patients should do their research and read reviews from other patients. They should also ensure that the agency is transparent about their fees and services and has experience working with patients from Bangladesh. Patients should also ask for references and ensure that the agency has established relationships with reputable hospitals and medical professionals.
The cost of using a medical tourism agency can vary depending on the services provided. Some medical tourism agencies charge a flat fee, while others charge a percentage of the total cost of medical treatment. Patients should ensure that they understand the fees and services provided by the agency before making a decision.
The risks of medical tourism include language and cultural barriers, differences in medical practices and standards, and the risk of complications and infections during and after medical treatment. To minimize these risks, patients should choose a reputable hospital and medical professional, discuss the risks and potential complications with their doctor, and follow all post-treatment instructions carefully.