By Healthtrip Team Blog Published on - 11 May - 2022

Let’s Look Into The Medical Tourism Statistics By Country in Brief

Canada ranked first in the worldwide medical tourism rating based on 46 destinations in 2020-2021, with an index score of 76.47. The index is based on ratings of the destination environment, medical tourism sector, and facility and service quality. There are various statistics that rank the top countries in the world based on the overall medical tourism index score in 2020. Here we have discussed the medical tourism statistics by country. Keep reading to learn more.

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While most people believe that medical tourists want cheap and quick medical care, several findings in a February 2018 PWC analysis on medical tourism suggested otherwise. The average cost of a visit is currently between $3,000 and $10,000 per tourist.

Surprisingly, the bulk of tourists came from Indonesia, with 600,000 going overseas for the year, with the United States coming in second with 500,000.

According to the report, the medical tourism market will be worth 125 billion by 2021, while the wellness sector will be over 808 billion.

Due to the selection of highly trained doctors and better medical infrastructure, India has become a medical tourism hotspot, with 166,000 international patients visiting the country in 2012. More branches of medicine, including Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, Sowa-Rigpa, and Homoeopathy, have gained prominence throughout the years, as have Yoga and meditation, which are now recognized globally for their health advantages.

In 2016, over 170,000 medical visas were granted, bringing the total to over 170,000. This is only a small portion of the total number of medical tourists who visit the country.

The United Kingdom recently announced the need for higher quality standards for cross-border care. There appears to be room for additional private inbound medical tourism, but the current cap on numbers must be changed.

The demand for medical tourism in Spain has risen, particularly in the resort of Marbella. The province generates about 330 million euros every year. The Quirón business group is Spain's largest medical provider, treating up to 20,000 foreign patients per year, with the majority of patients coming from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Finland.

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There are now insurance plans that will cover you if you need to travel for surgery, as well as products that will protect you from the cost of problems and repeat surgeries. If you are thinking about travelling for medical care, make sure you get this form of insurance and double-check your coverage needs with the provider.

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