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LASIK Costs in the UAE: A Comprehensive Guide

15 Nov, 2023

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  • In recent years, LASIK (Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis) has gained immense popularity as a reliable and effective solution for vision correction. In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where state-of-the-art medical facilities are abundant, individuals considering LASIK must navigate through various factors to understand the costs involved. This article aims to provide a smart and detailed guide to help you comprehend the intricacies of LASIK costs in the UAE.

Understanding LASIK

  • LASIK is a surgical procedure that utilizes laser technology to reshape the cornea, correcting common vision issues such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. The procedure is quick, often taking less than 30 minutes, and is renowned for its high success rates.

LASIK Costs in the UAE: A Breakdown of Procedures

1. Femto LASIK: 4,000 AED per Eye

  • Femto LASIK stands out as a popular and advanced LASIK procedure, utilizing femtosecond laser technology for corneal flap creation. Priced at 4,000 AED per eye, this procedure reflects a mid-range cost for individuals seeking precise and effective vision correction.

Factors influencing Femto LASIK Costs:

1. Clinic Reputation

  • Well-known and respected clinics often charge higher fees for Femto LASIK due to their established track record, state-of-the-art facilities, and experienced medical staff.

2. Surgeon's Experience

  • The skill and experience of the surgeon contribute significantly to the overall cost. A more seasoned surgeon may command higher fees, ensuring a higher likelihood of successful outcomes.

3. Type of LASIK Procedure

  • Femto LASIK, being a more advanced procedure, incurs higher costs compared to traditional LASIK methods. The precision afforded by femtosecond lasers enhances the safety and accuracy of the surgery.

4. Patient's Individual Needs

  • Some patients may require additional tests or procedures before undergoing Femto LASIK, which can influence the overall cost. Personalized assessments contribute to a tailored approach, ensuring the best possible results.

2. SMILE ReLEx: 5,000 AED per Eye

  • SMILE ReLEx, another cutting-edge LASIK technique, comes at a slightly higher cost of 5,000 AED per eye. This procedure distinguishes itself by using only a single laser for both the creation of the corneal flap and the correction of vision, providing a minimally invasive option.

Factors influencing SMILE ReLEx Costs:

1. Clinic Reputation

  • Similar to Femto LASIK, the reputation of the clinic plays a pivotal role in determining the cost of SMILE ReLEx. Renowned clinics with a history of successful procedures may charge more for their services.

2. Surgeon's Experience

  • The expertise of the surgeon is a critical factor in SMILE ReLEx surgery. Surgeons with a wealth of experience in this specific technique may command higher fees, reflecting their specialized skills.

3. Type of LASIK Procedure

  • SMILE ReLEx is considered a more advanced procedure compared to traditional LASIK. The enhanced precision and reduced invasiveness contribute to the higher cost associated with this technique.

4. Patient's Individual Needs

  • Individual patient requirements, such as additional diagnostic tests or pre-surgical procedures, can impact the overall cost of SMILE ReLEx. Personalized care is integral to achieving optimal results.

Factors Influencing LASIK Costs

1. Clinic Reputation and Expertise

  • The reputation and expertise of the LASIK clinic play a significant role in determining costs. Established clinics with experienced surgeons and advanced technology may charge higher fees. Researching the credentials of the surgeons and the clinic's overall reputation is crucial.

2. Technology Used

  • Advancements in laser technology contribute to the precision and success of LASIK procedures. Clinics employing cutting-edge equipment may have higher fees. Reputed clinics often invest in the latest technology to ensure optimal results.

3. Pre- and Post-Operative Care

  • LASIK costs usually include pre-operative assessments and post-operative care. These consultations are essential for determining a candidate's suitability for the procedure and ensuring a smooth recovery. Clinics offering comprehensive care packages may have slightly higher costs.

4. Customization Options

  • Some clinics provide customized LASIK procedures tailored to individual needs. Customization might involve wavefront technology, which maps the unique characteristics of each eye. While personalized treatments can enhance outcomes, they may come with an additional cost.

Evaluating LASIK Costs in the UAE

1. Initial Consultation

  • Begin your LASIK journey with an initial consultation. Reputable clinics offer this service free of charge or at a nominal fee. During the consultation, the surgeon will assess your eye health, discuss your vision goals, and determine if you are a suitable candidate for LASIK.

2. Transparent Pricing

  • Choose a clinic that is transparent about its pricing structure. LASIK costs typically include the surgical procedure, pre-operative assessments, post-operative care, and any necessary medications. Be wary of hidden fees, and request a detailed breakdown of the expenses.

3. Insurance Coverage

  • Check if your health insurance covers LASIK. While elective procedures like LASIK are often not covered, some insurance plans may offer partial reimbursement or discounts through affiliated clinics. Clarify the terms with your insurance provider.

4. Financing Options

  • Several clinics in the UAE offer financing options to make LASIK more affordable. Explore installment plans, credit options, or any promotional packages that might help ease the financial burden.

Tips for Cost-Effective LASIK in the UAE

1. Research Multiple Clinics

  • Take the time to research and compare multiple LASIK clinics in the UAE. Look for patient reviews, testimonials, and success rates to gauge the clinic's reputation. Consider scheduling consultations with more than one clinic to get a better understanding of the services they provide and their pricing structures.

2. Inquire about Package Deals

  • Some LASIK clinics in the UAE offer package deals that encompass the entire LASIK process, from the initial consultation to post-operative follow-ups. These packages may provide a more cost-effective solution compared to paying for each component separately. Inquire about any ongoing promotions or discounts that the clinic may offer.

3. Ask About Guarantee and Enhancement Policies

  • Reputable LASIK clinics often provide guarantees on their procedures. In case the initial surgery does not achieve the desired results, some clinics offer free enhancements or touch-up procedures. Clarify the terms of these guarantees and enhancement policies before making a decision.

4. Consider Medical Tourism

  • For individuals open to exploring options beyond the UAE, medical tourism can be a cost-effective way to undergo LASIK. Research reputable clinics in nearby countries that offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality and safety standards. Take into account travel and accommodation costs when considering this option.

5. Discuss Financing Plans

  • If the upfront cost of LASIK is a concern, discuss financing plans with the clinic. Many LASIK providers offer flexible payment options, including interest-free installment plans. This allows you to spread the cost of the procedure over several months, making it more manageable.

6. Verify Inclusions and Exclusions

  • Review the fine print of the LASIK cost estimate to understand what is included and excluded. Ensure that the quote covers all aspects of the procedure, including pre-operative tests, the surgery itself, and post-operative care. This transparency will help you avoid unexpected expenses down the line.

7. Prioritize Surgeon Experience and Qualifications

  • While cost is a crucial factor, it is equally important not to compromise on the expertise of the surgeon. Choose a LASIK clinic with experienced and qualified surgeons, even if it means paying a slightly higher fee. The skill of the surgeon significantly influences the success of the procedure.


  • LASIK is a valuable investment in your vision and overall quality of life. By carefully considering the factors influencing costs, researching clinics, and exploring financial options, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your budget and ensures optimal outcomes. Remember, the goal is not just to find the most affordable LASIK option but to strike a balance between cost, quality, and the reputation of the clinic. Your eyes deserve the best care available.

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The average cost of LASIK in the UAE varies depending on factors such as the clinic, the surgeon's experience, and the type of LASIK procedure. On average, patients can expect to pay between 4,000 to 6,000 AED per eye for standard LASIK. Advanced procedures like Femto LASIK and SMILE ReLEx may have higher costs.