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Knee Arthroscopy For Chronic Knee Pain

12 Apr, 2022

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If you are suffering from a painful knee joint and medicine, or physiotherapy has not helped you yet, then your doctor may consider knee arthroscopy as a last-resort treatment for your pair of knees. If you want to opt for this surgical treatment option, then you are on the right page. Continue reading to know more. Here we have discussed the same with our experienced knee surgery specialist in India.

What is knee arthroscopy?

Arthroscopy is a general term for a surgical procedure that aids in the diagnosis and treatment of any type of knee joint abnormality. This permits surgeons to see the knee joint without making a big incision (cut) in the skin and soft tissues. Arthroscopy is a procedure that is used to diagnose and treat a variety of knee issues.

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What is the use of knee arthroscopy?

The most common application of arthroscopy is to treat meniscal tears. Your joint is cushioned by the menisci (C-shaped cartilage) that sit between the femur and the tibia. The menisci might tear as a result of an injury or arthritis.

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Knee discomfort, edema, and inflammation result as a result of this. The damaged or diseased section of the meniscus is removed during knee arthroscopy.

Why should you consider having a knee arthroscopy?

  • Soft tissue injury-Ligaments (the connective tissue between bones) and tendons are examples of soft tissue injuries (they connect muscles to bones). The most frequent knee injuries include bursitis, torn meniscus, anterior cruciate ligament tears (ACL tears), and tears of the medial collateral ligament (MCL tear).
  • Fracture- Bones on the inside of your knee may shatter or chip away, resulting in a fracture.
  • Parts of cartilage (spongy tissue that helps bones slide against each other smoothly) can break off when a bone breaks.
  • Inflammation: The synovium of a joint can become inflamed (swollen and irritated).

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How the arthroscopy is performed?

As per the knee surgery doctor in India, the procedure can be performed under local or general anesthesia, depending on the type of deformities in your knees that cause pain.

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  • To help reduce bleeding during the surgery, a cuff-like device may be placed around your thigh.
  • Around your knee, the surgeon will make two or three little cuts. To inflate your knee, fluid (saline) will be injected into it.
  • One of the cuts will be used to implant a small tube with a tiny camera on the end.
  • The surgeon can see within the knee with the help of a camera, which is connected to a video monitor.
  • Other small surgery tools may be inserted into your knee through the other cuts by the surgeon.
  • The issue in your knee will then be repaired by the surgeon.
  • The saline will be emptied from your knee at the end of your surgery.
  • Sutures (stitches) will be used by the surgeon to close your cuts.

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What can you expect after knee arthroscopy?

The majority of knee arthroscopy surgeries are outpatient procedures, meaning you can return home the same day. However, depending on the patient's health, you may be required to spend the night in the hospital.

How long will be the recovery period after knee arthroscopy?

When compared to open surgery, arthroscopy recovery is frequently speedier.

The majority of patients are given detailed instructions on how to handle recuperation when they leave the hospital on the day of the operation.

The following are some general recovery instructions:

  • To minimize swelling and pain, apply cold packs to the dressing and surrounding region.
  • After surgery, keep the leg elevated for a few days.
  • Take frequent bed rest
  • Change the dressing on a regular basis.
  • Before a patient leaves the hospital, doctors will usually give them certain instructions.
  • They may also prescribe painkillers or suggest over-the-counter pain relievers.
  • Doctors may prescribe aspirin to minimize the risk of blood clots in some circumstances.

The recovery time may vary depending on the patient’s overall health. In 1–3 weeks, a person may be able to resume modest activity, and in 6–8 weeks, most other physical activities.

Why should you consider getting a knee arthroscopy in India?

For the following reasons, India is the most popular destination for orthopedic surgery treatment.

  • India's cutting-edge technology,
  • medical expertise,
  • Affordable treatment cost
  • Success rate
  • Post-surgical follow-ups

Our patients need high-quality and cost-effective health care that we can provide effectively in comparison to other countries around the globe.

How can we help you out with the treatment?

If you are in search of knee surgery hospitals in India, we will guide you throughout your treatment journey and will be present physically with you even before your treatment is started. We will provide you with the following:

  • Expert physicians and surgeon’s opinions
  • Transparent communication
  • Coordinated care
  • Prior appointment with specialists
  • Assistance in hospital formalities
  • 24*7 availability
  • Arrangement for travel
  • Assistance for accommodation and healthy recovery
  • Assistance in emergencies

We are committed to providing the best health care services to our patients. We have a team of trained and highly dedicated health experts who will be there by your side right from the beginning of your journey.

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