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How Much Does Liver Transplant Costs in India?

05 Apr, 2022

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The liver is our body's second-largest organ. It aids digestion by breaking down all of the nutrients in food and can withstand a lot of stress and abuse, but it can only go so far before getting into a stage of severe liver disease or cirrhosis. In recent times, the increase in demand for liver transplants has increased. If you are on this page, then you might be thinking of getting a liver transfer. Here we have discussed the procedure of getting a liver transfer along with liver transplant costs in India and many more.

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What is a liver transplant?

A liver transplant is a procedure in which a diseased or unhealthy liver is replaced with one from a living or deceased donor. When a person has ESLD (End-Stage Liver Disease), a liver transplant is a last resort effort to save a dying patient's life.

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Why do you need a liver transplant?

Your doctor might recommend a liver transplant for you if your liver function has been compromised. And that might happen -

  • If you are suffering from acute liver disease, such as hepatitis,
  • long-term infection,
  • drug-induced injury
  • Hepatitis-B and Hepatitis-C
  • Cirrhosis-related autoimmune hepatitis
  • Biliary atresia, inborn liver disorder
  • Excessive alcohol abuse
  • Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
  • Metabolic disorder

Cost of liver transplant in India:

The cost of liver transplants in India may range from INR 19,00,000 to INR 23,50,000.

However, it may vary based on the following factors that include-

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Liver Transplant Surgery
  • The type of transplant required
  • Surgeon’s consultation fee
  • Location of the hospital
  • The experience and expertise of the doctor
  • Type of room you have opted for
  • Post-surgery complications(if any)
  • Long term medications including anti-rejection medicines
  • Duration of the recovery period after surgery

How can you get a liver for transplant in India?

Livers can be taken from both living people and the deceased or dead person.

When a deceased person's liver is used, the procedure is known as cadaveric liver transplantation. The majority of the donors are people who died as a result of car accidents, brain tumors, or brain hemorrhages and were certified brain dead by the hospital.

A related living donor is someone who gets a liver from a first-degree relative, such as a brother, sister, parents, or child. Because the liver is the only internal organ capable of self-regeneration, a healthy donor can donate a portion of his or her liver to known recipients.

In most cases, a close cousin is preferable because the tissue type and blood groups are likely to match.

In the case of an unrelated living donor, a liver is obtained from someone who is not related to the patient and is a stranger to the recipient.

What is the success rate of liver transplants in India?

The success rate of liver transplants in India is generally high, ranging from 64% to 95%, depending on various factors. Here's a breakdown:

Overall success rate:

  • Living donor liver transplants: These typically have a higher success rate, with survival rates exceeding 90% in the first year after surgery.
  • Deceased donor liver transplants: The success rate for deceased donor transplants may be slightly lower, ranging from 64% to 88% for patients with acute liver failure.

Factors influencing success rate:

  • Expertise of the transplant team: Experience and skill of the surgeon and medical team play a significant role in successful outcomes.
  • Health and condition of the donor and recipient: Age, pre-existing health conditions, and severity of liver disease both in the donor and recipient affect the success rate.
  • Availability of state-of-the-art facilities: Access to advanced equipment and technology contributes to better outcomes.

Additional points to consider:

  • India has been performing liver transplants since 1998, with over 1800 procedures performed annually.
  • Several renowned hospitals and highly skilled surgeons ensure quality care and successful outcomes.
  • The cost of liver transplants in India is significantly lower compared to other developed countries, making it a viable option for many patients.

However, it's important to remember that these are general figures. The specific success rate for a particular case will depend on various individual factors. Consulting with a qualified liver transplant specialist can provide a more accurate estimate for your specific situation.

Are all patients eligible for liver transplants?

All patients in need of a liver transplant may not be able to receive one.

Your doctor will perform some tests before recommending a liver transplant as a treatment option for you. Only after evaluating the test results will he/she be able to recommend that you go ahead with it.

Several factors must be considered before deciding whether or not a liver transplant is appropriate for the patient.

A patient is considered as a good candidate for a liver transplant -

  • if he or she has end-stage liver disease and is otherwise healthy enough to go through the entire surgical procedure without difficulty.
  • The patient is a nonsmoker and non-alcoholic, but still has compromised liver function
  • A person who does not have any other systemic disorders such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or vasculitis.
  • And those who can take their medications regularly after surgery and follow all of the doctor's instructions for the rest of their lives.

How long do you have to take medications?

After a successful liver transplant, you must take anti-rejection or immunosuppressive medications for the rest of your life.

Why should you consider getting liver transplant treatment in India?

India is the most favored place for liver transplant operations for a few major reasons. And if you are searching for the best liver transplant hospital in India, we will help you out to find the same.

  • India's cutting-edge techniques,
  • medical skills,
  • Multidisciplinary approach
  • Patient rehabilitation services
  • Liver transplant costs in India are among the best in the world, as our patients need affordable treatment and quality outcomes.

All these have significantly increased the success rate of liver transplant treatment in India.

By simply packing their medical journey to India, liver transplant treatment can substantially benefit the patient. We also offer a comprehensive range of counseling for coping with emotional changes to our international patients.

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The cost varies, ranging from INR 19,00,000 to INR 23,50,000, influenced by factors like transplant type and hospital location.