By Healthtrip Team Blog Published on - 07 April - 2022

How Long Do Hair Transformations Last?

When you are getting a hair transformation, one question always stays in the back of the mind is how long it will last. Well, several factors impact the longevity of the hair transformation, like the kind of transformation done, the quality and growth rate of the hair, and the age of the person, to name a few.

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Since all hair transformations are not limited to Keratin or smoothening treatments, techniques like re-bonding, hair transplant, trimming, cutting, and coloring are also included in the hair transformation categories. By definition, hair transformation means the hair procedures are undertaken through which the haircut, color, style, and look of a person are changed. Hence depending on the process and other factors, the lasting of the transformation is impacted.

In this article, we will look into the factors that influenced the lasting capacity of the transformation and, in general, how long five major transformations last.

Factors That Influences The Lasting Capacity Of Hair Transformation

One of the vital factors determining the lasting of the transformation, whether it is the color or the length of the hair, is the hair's growth. Typically there are four phases involved in hair growth they are:


The most prolonged phase is between 3 and five years, during which the hair grows.


The phase starts after the anagen phase ends, and the hair growth slows while the hair follicles shrink. It lasts for ten days.


During this phase, the hair stays on your scalp and doesn't fall off or grow. It can last up to three months.


The shedding of the hair is connected to this phase, which can last for two to five months. Technically the new hairs are supposed to grow in the follicles of the old hair shed during the washing and brushing of the hair.

All these phases are affected by the individual's age, overall health, stress level, exposure to sun and pollution, how the hair is treated, and nutrition.

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How Long Does Hair Transformation Last?

While the above factors are essential in hair transformation, generally, when you opt for the procedure, a general timeline is provided by the hair salon or treatment center. Here are some of the periods based on an individual's transformation.

Hair Color Transformation

Typically the hair color transformation will last between four to six weeks. First, the color starts to fade from the hair after a couple of weeks as they don't stick on it permanently. Second, as your hair grows, the original root colors become prominent.

Hair Re-bonding Transformation

It can last six to seven months when a reputed salon does it. Then a trip to the salon every three to four months is a must for a touch-up to keep the newly grown hair in place.

Hair Smoothening Transformation

Typically it lasts between two to five months, but once again, it depends on the growth of the hair. With hair smoothening, there is no need for in-between salon visits like you do for re-bonding for it to last longer.

Keratin Transformation

The keratin treatment transformation can last between two and six months for a person. The longevity of the treatment depends on the type of Keratin product used, hair quality, type, and how often the individual washes the hair. But if cared for correctly, the transformation with Keratin can last for five months.

Hair Transplant Transformation

This is generally considered lifetime longevity, but in most cases, individuals need more than one hair transplant treatment to get the desired result.

Final Words

Irrespective of the kind of transformation you opt for your hair, its longevity depends on several factors.