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How Does Age Affect The Success Rate Of Kidney Transplant?

06 Jun, 2022

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A kidney transplant is considered a last-resort treatment option for a person whose pair of kidneys are not functioning properly. However, for years, the question arises of the effectiveness or success rate of kidney transplants by age. Or does age affect the overall outcome of a successful kidney transplant? Here we’ve discussed the correlation between the two. Keep on reading to learn more.

Can seniors get a kidney transplant?

Senior citizens are not barred from receiving a kidney transplant. Many transplant clinics in the United States do not even have an upper age limit for kidney transplant recipients.

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Almost half of all Americans with severe kidney disease are over the age of 65, and the wait time for hopeful candidates is approximately four years.

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Why should you consider getting a kidney transplant if you’re on dialysis?

If your doctor proposes that you put your name on a waiting list for a kidney transplant, you're either already on dialysis or soon will be. Having the operation is a more appealing option than dialysis because:

  • Your chances of dying from a serious condition are cut in half.
  • Your quality of life is likely to increase dramatically.
  • Transplantation is both less expensive and more effective than dialysis for the rest of your life.

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Can seniors donate a kidney to their elder ones?

Seniors who make a live donation usually give their organs to a middle-aged or older adult they know, however, others give anonymously. So, if you're thinking about donating to a patient younger than you, it's possible and not uncommon.

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How does age affect the outcome of a kidney transplant?

The aging of the dialysis population raises the question of whether to recommend kidney transplantation to older patients and how to control their immunosuppression after surgery.

Let’s look into the results of a study done with all patients over 60 years,

The study included 452 individuals with a median age of 65 years old. One-, three-, and five-year patient and graft survival rates were 98.7 percent, 93 percent, 89 percent, 94.4 percent, 87.9 percent, and 81.4 percent, respectively. Only the patient's growing recipient age was an independent risk factor.

Another study published in the BMC Nephrology article shows that older second transplant recipients have better outcomes compared to age-matched first transplant recipients, and significantly better than previously observed for older transplant candidates who remain on dialysis treatment.

Longer survival times benefit kidney transplant patients and lower health-care costs, but they also imply more kidneys are available for the approximately 90,000 Americans waiting for a kidney transplant, according to the researchers.

Will a kidney donation affect a senior’s lifespan?

If you intend to make a live donation, keep in mind that the health of your remaining kidney is likely to deteriorate as you age. Although your donation is likely to extend a patient's life, worrying if losing your organ will shorten yours is a fair fear.

At least one clinical investigation suggests that live kidney donation for elderly persons has no effect on their lifetime. However, the researchers agree that additional research is needed to determine the probability of long-term repercussions.

How can we help in the treatment?

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Yes, age can influence the success rate of a kidney transplant, but other factors also play a significant role.