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Getting To Know About HSG Test- Why Do You Need This?

15 Apr, 2022

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If you are planning for pregnancy, then you probably know that most of your body parts need to work right in order to get pregnant. Your pair of ovaries need to produce an egg every month, (ovulation), your uterus must be in good working order, and your fallopian tubes must be open. Otherwise, the fertilized egg won’t be able to get inside the uterus. To eliminate such a diagnosis, your doctor might recommend a hysterosalpingogram(HSG) test for you. And if this is the reason you are here, you will find this page helpful as we have covered HSG cost, procedure, and a few queries related to the same.

What is HSG?

A hysterosalpingogram (HSG) is an X-ray dye test used to diagnose if you have problems related to the uterus or fallopian tubes i.e causing fertility issues.

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During an HSG, an X-ray captures images of your uterus and fallopian tubes while they are filled with a special dye.

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Why do you need to undergo an HSG test?

The most common reason for an HSG is to assess infertility or to rule out repeat miscarriages. The main purpose of the exam is to check for fallopian tube blockages, but it also provides information about the uterine cavity, such as the shape and presence of scarring, as well as whether there are any adhesions or scarring in the pelvis.

An HSG can assist your doctor in detecting reproductive issues( if you have any) that may be preventing you from becoming pregnant.

How can you prepare before the test?

  • The exam should be performed 7-10 days after the start of your last menstrual period.
  • We recommend that you take ibuprofen several hours before the test to reduce any discomfort.
  • If you have additional questions or concerns, or if you are nervous about the exam, talk to your referring doctor about additional premedication options to bring to the appointment.
  • If you are taking an anxiolytic, please arrange for transportation to and from your appointment.
  • You should reach at least 15 mins earlier than your scheduled test timing.
  • You will be asked to change into a hospital gown before the test.
  • The technologist will confirm your identification and the exam you have requested.
  • You will have the opportunity to speak with the radiologist about the procedure, and to give your consent.

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Can you eat or drink before having the HSG test?

On the day of the test, you can eat and drink as usual. There are no such instructions you need to follow before the test.

Does this test help in opening blocked tubes?

HSG was initially developed as a diagnostic test for fallopian tube blockage.

The act of inserting contrast or dye into the fallopian tube is thought to have a potential therapeutic effect. As it can flush out the debris or mucus that may be obstructing the free passage of a fertilized egg or sperm.

Is the HSG test painful?

Some patients experience only minor discomfort, while others experience severe menstrual cramps. Any discomfort is usually brief, and taking an over-the-counter pain reliever can help to reduce it. You can take analgesics( pain killers) a few hours before or after the procedure.

You can ask your radiologists to terminate the test at any time if you feel unbearable pain or discomfort.

Does having an HSG test can increase the chances of fertility?

Several studies have found that pregnancy rates are slightly higher in the first few months after a hysterosalpingogram. This could be due to the flushing of the tubes clearing out some debris or mucus that was preventing the fertilization from happening.

Is it safe to get pregnant after HSG?

There is no such research or evidence exists that shows getting pregnant right after the HSG test is harmful. If you are concerned about the same, you can ask your doctor during an initial consultation.

What do the test results mean?

A radiologist will review the X-ray images and report back to your doctor. Your doctor will discuss the results with you and explain whether additional tests are required or not.

In normal test results, the liquid dye flows out of the fallopian tube and spills out to the abdomen. The dye will be easily absorbed by your body. You don’t have to worry about this as it is harmless.

If the report indicates that your fallopian tubes are blocked, you may require a laparoscopy. It allows your doctor to examine the fallopian tubes up close with the help of lighted scopes.

They may also suggest IVF, or in vitro fertilization. Your doctor will discuss your options with you and assist you in making the best decision for you.

Why should you consider getting infertility treatment in India?

India is the most favored place for fertility treatment operations for a few major reasons. And if you are searching for the best infertility hospital in India, we will help you to find the same.

  • India's cutting-edge reproductive techniques,
  • medical skills, and
  • fertility treatment and tests cost in India are among the best in the world, as our patients need affordable and quality outcomes. The HSG cost ranges from INR 800 to INR 2700 at various locations in India.

All these have significantly increased the success rate of infertility treatment in India.

Conclusion-By simply packing their medical journey to India, infertility treatment can substantially benefit the patient. We also offer a comprehensive range of counseling for coping with emotional changes to our international patients.

How can we help in the treatment?

If you are in search of an infertility hospital in India, we will serve as your guide throughout your medical treatment and will be physically present with you even before your treatment begins. The following will be provided to you:

  • Opinions of expert physicians and surgeons
  • Transparent communication
  • Coordinated care
  • Prior appointment with specialists
  • Assistance in hospital formalities
  • 24*7 availability
  • Arrangement for travel
  • Assistance for accommodation and healthy recovery
  • Assistance in emergencies

We are dedicated to offering the highest quality health trip and care to our patients. We have a team of highly qualified doctors and devoted health professionals that will be by your side from the beginning of your journey.

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An HSG (Hysterosalpingography) test is a medical imaging procedure used to examine the uterus and fallopian tubes. It involves injecting a contrast dye into the uterus and taking X-ray images to assess the reproductive organs' structure and function.