By Health Trip Blog Published on - 14 November - 2022

Different types of Hernia, it’s cause and symptoms

A hernia generally happens when an organ pushes through an opening in the muscle or tissue that holds it in place. For instance, the intestines might get through a debilitated region in the abdominal wall.

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There are a variety of hernias that happen in the mid-region between your chest and hips; however they can likewise show up in the upper thigh and groin regions.

Most hernias aren't quickly hazardous; however they don't disappear on their own. Here and there they can require a medical procedure to forestall hazardous complications.

Types of Hernia:

There are several types of Hernia and we will be discussing the most common ones.

  • Inguinal Hernia - In men, the inguinal channel is a way for the spermatic cord and veins leading directly to the testicles. In females, the inguinal channel contains the round tendon that gives support for the uterus. In an inguinal hernia, greasy tissue or a piece of the digestive system sticks into the groin at the highest point of the inner thigh. This is the most widely recognized kind of hernia, and affects men more frequently than ladies.
  • Femoral Hernia - Greasy tissue or some portion of the digestive system protrudes into the groin at the highest point of the inner thigh. Femoral hernias are significantly less normal than inguinal hernias and fundamentally influence affect older women.
  • Umbilical Hernia - Greasy tissue or a piece of the digestive tract pushes through the midsection close to the navel (belly button).
  • Hiatal (hiatus) hernia - Some portion of the stomach pushes up into the chest pit through an opening in the stomach (the horizontal sheet of muscle that isolates the chest from the abdomen).

Causes for Hernia:

Inguinal and femoral hernias are because of the weakened muscles that might have been available since birth, or are related with aging and excess of strains on the stomach and groin regions. Such strain might come from physical exertion, corpulence, pregnancy, continuous coughing, or due to straining during the toilet due to constipation.

Adults may get an umbilical hernia by putting stress on the stomach region, due to being overweight, having an everlasting heavy cough or after pregnancy.

The reason for hiatal hernias isn't completely perceived, however a debilitating of the stomach with age or tension on the abdomen could have an impact.

Some Common Symptoms of Hernia:

A hernia in the midsection or groin can deliver a recognizable bump or lump that can be pushed back in, or that can vanish when lying down. Laughing, crying, heavy coughing, stressing during a bowel movement or physical work can cause the knot to return after it has been pushed in.

How to prevent a Hernia?

  • One can maintain ideal body weight by eating a good healthy diet and also by doing regular exercise.
  • Start eating enough fruits, whole grain and green leafy vegetables to avoid constipation.
  • Maintain correct posture while being in gym or when you are lifting weights
  • Immediately consult a doctor when you are down with persistent coughs.
  • Don’t smoke as smoking can lead to coughing and it can triggers a hernia.

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