By Health Trip Blog Published on - 11 November - 2022

Different types of endoscopy and its benefits

Endoscopy is basically a type of test that is used in order to look inside the body. The basic structure consists of a long thin tube that has a camera inside it which is known as the endoscope. This endoscope is then passed into the body through a natural opening such as the mouth and then it helps in visualization of the internal organs on a large screen or monitor. It is one of the most effective solutions that has changed the fate of medical treatment by making it more efficient and effective as a doctor is able to perform the surgery with absolute precision. Generally, endoscopy is recommended when the doctor is unable to diagnose the actual condition of the patient with regular scanning tests such as ultrasound. This provides the doctor to observe the internal organs and tissues in detail so that the doctor can analyze the condition of the patient more accurately.

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Benefits of endoscopy:

There are numerous benefits of endoscopy as it helps in providing better treatment. Some of the benefits of endoscopy might include:

  • It provides quick analysis of internal organs.
  • It has minimum risk
  • It is relatively a safe procedure
  • It is used to investigate, confirm and perform surgery with precision
  • It can be used to identify, locate and remove tumors or polyps from the digestive tract which is difficult and risky otherwise
  • It has a doctor to diagnose the patient properly
  • It gives a clear and close view of the esophagus and stomach
  • It helps in diagnosis of diseases such as ulcers and crohn's disease

Different types of endoscopy:

Endoscopy helps in accurate diagnosis of diseases and helps in providing better treatment. Usually, the type of endoscopy depends upon the disease, condition and the affected part of the body. Some of the different types of endoscopy include:

Colonoscopy: It is one of the most common types of endoscopy which is used to see the inside of your bowels. It helps the doctor to check the symptoms of the patients such as bleeding in the stools, presence of polyps, tumors, cancerous cells, severe constipation, sudden weight loss, etc.

Cystoscopy: It is used to see or check the inside of the urethra or urinary bladder. A cystoscope is inserted that has a camera test to its one end that helps the doctor to see the inside of the bladder in case of bladder tear, infection, tumor etc.

Gastroscopy: As the name suggests it is used to identify symptoms and disease that are gastric related. Gastroscopy helps to check the inside of the food pipe throat, stomach and upper digestive system. It can also be used to remove tissues and treat conditions such as stomach ulcers.

Hysteroscopy: Hysteroscopy helps in examining the inside of the uterus or vagina. In this hysteroscope which is basically a narrow tube that has a light and the camera test to its one end is inserted inside the vagina so that the doctor can see the inside of the womb. It helps in identifying several uterus related problems and treating conditions such as uterine fibroids polyps, removing scar tissues etc.

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