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Diet Before and After Having Weight Loss Surgery

All those who have had bariatric or weight loss surgery at any time of their life know how difficult it is, to undergo such surgeries. People suffering from obesity consider weight-loss surgeries as their last-resort treatment option. Aside from deciding to have surgery, the most important requirement is a commitment to a lifestyle change that includes eating the correct foods in the right portions, reducing weight, and keeping the weight off for the rest of your life. So, here we’ve discussed the gastric bypass diet that will make your diet planning easier before and after the surgery.

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Role of diet in gastric bypass:

You must first qualify for the procedure and understand the dangers and rewards involved before undergoing gastric bypass surgery. To be a suitable candidate, you must also be willing to relearn your eating habits. New eating habits can assist guarantee that the surgery has a beneficial and long-term impact.

You must plan ahead of time for a special diet to be followed both before and after surgery.

The goal of the pre-surgery diet is to reduce the amount of fat in and around your liver. This decreases the possibility of complications during surgery.

Your doctor will adjust the overall diet advice for you after the procedure. The post-surgery diet is frequently divided into various weekly periods.

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Diet before surgery:

To lower the amount of fat around the liver and spleen, most surgery centres recommend a pre-op liquid diet. A preoperative liquid diet is usually required 7-14 days before gastric bypass surgery.

You'll start a low-sugar, low-fat, full-liquid diet (64 ounces per day) a week or two before surgery that's high in protein and low in carbs. The protein will be necessary for wound healing and tissue repair following surgery.

An appropriate liquid diet before surgery includes-

  • Water
  • Sugar-free, non-carbonated beverages
  • Protein drinks
  • Sugar-free gelatin
  • Green tea
  • Tea and coffee(caffeine-free)

Diet after surgery:

You have a reconstructed stomach with considerably less capacity after bariatric surgery, so it's important that you give it time to heal by eating the correct foods in the proper portions.

You need to maintain a phased diet strategy to return to your earlier regular diet plan.

  • Liquid-based diet- The initial diet step following surgery is the same liquid diet as before surgery and lasts one to two weeks.
  • Blended diet- this food habit should last one to two weeks and consists of high protein, low fat blended or pureed food (no vegetables). This includes the following:

-Chicken, turkey, tuna, and other lean meat

-Scrambled eggs, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, and other soft foods

  • Soft diet- During this phase, you can eat the same foods as the previous step but without having to blend or puree them. Other foods to consider include:

-Low-fat cheese

-Refried beans

-Canned fruit, natural applesauce (no sugar added)

  • Regular diet- After three to four months, you are ready to begin the diet you will follow for the rest of your life. The constraints you faced in the first three steps have been lifted, but you should now concentrate on consuming the correct foods in the proper quantity.

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Foods you need to avoid after gastric bypass surgery:

Along with following the above-mentioned phased diet, you must have to avoid some food items after gastric bypass surgery.

  • Alcohol
  • Caffeinated products
  • Dry and packaged food items
  • Tough meat
  • Starch foods items like rice, roti, etc
  • Sweet foods
  • High fat and greasy food items

Finally, you have to make a commitment that you will stick to the plan during your recovery period. Surround yourself with like-minded people who will encourage you to follow the same.

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