By Hospals Team Blog Published on - 19 April - 2022

Common Cancer Myths and Misconception

According to the latest report by the World Health Organization (WHO), cancer accounted for 10 million deaths across the world in 2020. Making cancer a leading cause of death globally. Myths tend to develop around widespread conditions. It is no surprise, therefore, that many people often misunderstand cancer.

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“Cancer” is an uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body. Today, we hope to debunk some myths and bring more clarity to this.

Myth: Sugar Consumption Causes Cancer

Fact: On the internet, you can find that sugar is cancer’s favourite food. It is considered this way because the cancer cells grow rapidly and need energy in the process. But so does every other cell in the body. There is no medical proof that consuming sugar contributes to cancer growth. All the healthy cells in the body would need some amount of sugar. But this does not mean that you are feeding cancer cells by consuming sugar. We need to understand that the growth of cancer cells does not depend on the intake of sugar.

Myth: Cancer Means Death

Fact: Needless to say, cancer is a deadly disease. It is scary and life-threatening. But if you are diagnosed with cancer, this doesn’t vitally mean that you will die. There are many advanced treatments available to treat cancer. Although, it can be a tough battle to fight cancer, it is not impossible with advancements in medical science. Whether or not a patient would succumb to cancer depends on several factors like the scope of effective treatments, the pace of cancer cell growth, the patient’s overall health status, and more.

Myth: Cancer Is Contagious

Fact: This is FALSE; cancer is not a transmittable disease. Cancer does not spread by coming in contact with a cancer patient or touching them. Sharing meals, close contact, intercourse, and more with a cancer patient does not put you at risk of acquiring cancer. We need to bust this myth and provide support to cancer patients.

Myth: Artificial Sweeteners Cause Cancer

Fact: Artificial sweeteners are artificial products to replace sugar. These generally include aspartame, saccharin, and cyclamate. Research proved no link between the consumption of artificial sweeteners and cancer in humans. Hence, a moderate dose of artificial sweeteners for human beings is safe for use.

Myth: Cell Phones Cause Cancer

Fact: One of the most common and popular cancer myths linked with cancer is that cell phones may cause cancer in humans. This notion arose from the fact that phones emit radiofrequency radiation and people believe that these radiations are capable of causing harm to our brains. However, no research backs this statement.

Myth: Herbal Products Can Cure Cancer

Fact: No. Using herbal products or other alternative treatment methods does not cure cancer. However, it has been found that herbal products may help cope with cancer treatment's side effects. In some cases, herbal treatments also help cope with the cancer symptoms. However, using these products does not eliminate the disease from its roots. It is always advisable to consult the expert before using any herbal products as some herbal products may be harmful if used during chemotherapy.

Myth: If Someone in Your Family Has Cancer, You Will Have It Too

Fact: Not necessarily. Only 5-10% of cancer cases spread through inheritance. In most cases, cancer is developed through abnormal and harmful changes in genes. This also means that one can develop cancer even if someone in the family has never had it.


Myths about cancer are fed by rumours and a lack of awareness. These myths spreads without any facts and may cause harm to someone actually in doubt. If you have health concerns, you must take an expert medical opinion instead of believing the infamous points heard from your family, friends, or neighbours.

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  • Assistance in emergencies

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