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A Guide to ACL Reconstruction Recovery


If you tear the anterior cruciate ligament in your knee while playing sports, then your doctor may recommend anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction surgery. Here we’ve discussed the anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction recovery period and all the things you need to do during that time after surgery.

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What is an ACL injury and how will this affect your daily activities?

The ACL is a tough band of tissue that connects the thigh and shin bones at the knee joint.

It runs diagonally through the inside of the knee and provides stability to the joint. It also aids in the control of the lower leg's back-and-forth movement.

And to fix such injuries, ACL reconstruction surgery is necessary.

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Do’s and Don'ts after ACL reconstruction surgery:

  • Treatment aims to alleviate pain and swelling while also preparing you for more advanced stages of recovery. For a few days, you'll feel pain and discomfort. So you could take an over-the-counter pain reliever like Advil (ibuprofen) or a prescription narcotic. Take any of these medications only as directed by your doctor.
  • A low-grade fever (98.7 to 100.4°F) can last 4 to 5 days and is usually relieved by acetaminophen. However, if your fever continues or worsens, consult your doctor.
  • Move your ankles on a regular basis to improve circulation and prevent leg clots. If you have calf pain, see your doctor right away because it could be caused by a blood clot.
  • Applying heat to the injured area is not advised.
  • Progressive physical therapy helps to strengthen the muscles around your knee and improve flexibility after ACL surgery. A physical therapist will show you how to perform exercises that you will do either under supervision or at home.

Following the rehabilitation plan is important for proper healing and the best possible results.

  • Avoid putting too much strain on your knee too soon.
  • Don't ice your knee too much. Surprisingly, excessive icing can harm your nerves. Icing should be limited to 20 minutes three to four times per day.
  • Avoid sleeping with your knee bent. Sleeping with a bent knee can cause scar tissue to form over time, preventing you from fully extending your knee.

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Recovery time after ACL reconstruction:

Depending on the level of competition and the type of activity, it usually takes six to nine months for a patient to return to sports after an ACL reconstruction.

On the day of surgery, patients can walk with crutches and a leg brace. The patient begins a rehabilitation program soon after surgery to restore knee strength, stability, and range of motion.

In comparison to open surgery, which was previously used for ACL reconstruction, arthroscopic surgical techniques have made recovery times shorter and easier. However, in order to achieve a successful outcome, the patient must undergo rehabilitation under the supervision of a qualified physical therapist, as well as attend follow-up appointments.

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ACL reconstruction surgery is a procedure to repair a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in the knee.
ACL injuries can limit your ability to perform activities that involve knee movement and stability, like sports and even daily tasks.
This section provides guidelines for pain management, fever, ankle movement, and the importance of following the rehabilitation plan.
Over-the-counter pain relievers like Advil (ibuprofen) can be taken as directed by your doctor to manage post-surgery pain.
Low-grade fever after surgery is common and can last 4 to 5 days, usually relieved by acetaminophen. Consult your doctor if it continues.
Ankle movement helps improve circulation and prevents leg clots, but if you experience calf pain, consult your doctor.
Heat application is discouraged as it may exacerbate swelling in the surgical area.
On average, it takes six to nine months to return to sports after ACL reconstruction surgery, but it can vary based on individual factors.
Arthroscopic techniques have made ACL recovery shorter and easier, but proper rehabilitation is still crucial for success.
We offer support throughout your medical journey, including access to expert physicians, coordinated care, travel arrangements, and more.
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